Collaboration with European Clusters

ECCP Membership-web1

QOOT is now registered on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) – a service facility aiming to provide cluster organizations with modern tools which allow to make efficient use of networking instruments, to develop collaboration within Europe and beyond, support the emergence of new value chains through cross-sectorial cooperation, access the latest quality information on cluster development, and to improve their performance and increase their – as well as their members’ – competitiveness.


Although the European cluster organizations, by their number and long history of development, make an important part of the platform, ECCP is open and connected to the whole world and aims to become the leading European hub for international cluster cooperation, building cluster bridges between Europe and the world.


QOOT works to accelerate innovation in the Agri-Food sector by bringing innovators, knowledge providers, investors and support institutions, all under one umbrella, creating the right environment and offering the services required for Collaboration, Sustainable Growth and Internationalization of the Lebanese Agri Food sector.