Award winning Lebanese brand with a range of delightfully delicious, certified organic, wholesome & healthy gluten-free foods. Made with 100% natural ingredients the range is Vegan and Free from Gluten, Grain, added Sugar, Soy, Corn, Yeast, Oil, additives & preservatives.

Above 4,000 years ago in the Land of Canaan (what is today Lebanon), our Phoenician ancestors already cultivated the vine, spreading wine culture through the Mediterranean.

Did you know that?

There are locally produced crackers made of dehydrated vegetables and soaked seeds as well as locally produced kale chips?

What is the innovation?

Biolicious offers a range of certified organic, wholesome and gluten free food packed with nutrients and flavor.

The ingredients used in Biolicious and the way they’re combined (the healthy offering) as well the profile of the product itself are all innovative. For example, Biolicious crackers are made of 80 percent vegetables and soaked seeds; kale chips were adopted to local taste using local flavors like tahini, sumac and pomegranate molasses.

Biolicious commercialized and modernized traditional ways of preparing food (such as soaking seeds).

What’s the story behind the innovation?

Reema Mansour, the founder of Biolicious, had a health need and so had to stick to a restrictive diet. She found very little foods available in the market that would meet her needs at the time (almost four years ago) – and what she did find were either tasteless or prohibitively expensive.

She therefore started to personally experiment with food products, specifically snacks, that she could enjoy while not violating her diet restrictions. The products she was making became very interesting to her friends and family and other people in the organic and healthy world and she was encouraged by them to offer her products commercially.

This led to her taking a course in nutrition therapy and developing Biolicious, an organic-certified, ultra-healthy and natural gluten-free line of snack products with creative and delicious tastes.

Why is it important?

Born out of her own dietary needs, Reema identified a market need for healthy, natural and tasty snacks.

More and more alternative approaches to healthy living are popping up: a growing number of people are going back to the basics and looking inwards at what they put in their body and how it makes them feel- there is an emerging holistic approach to health and wellness.

At the same time, mechanisms for testing food allergies and intolerances have become more accessible and people can identify if they have celiac disease or lactic intolerance for example. This made consumers more specific with their dietary needs and preferences. As such demand for products such as Biolicious is on an increasing trajectory.

Biolicious products have also been adapted to local tastes such as carrot and thyme crackers or figs and roses energy clusters.

Who does it benefit?

Biolicious offers innovative tasting products across a wide range of flavors meaning those who are on strict dietary restrictions have a wide variety of tasty snacks to choose from. Parents can give their children healthy, natural and most importantly tasty snacks to take to school. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can now choose from a line of all natural and sugar free products for energy boosting.

The products abide by fourteen free-from rules making them a perfect match for people experiencing multiple intolerances or health issues related to food intake.

Biolicious, Abdel Wahab Inglizi Street

Sodeco, Beirut

+961 76 044 649