Darmmess SARL

Darmmess is a startup founded in 2019 with objective to offer to every connoisseur, around the globe, the green gold of Deir Mimas village, commonly referred to as the Bordeaux of olive oils. Darmmess Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) has been developed exclusively for a niche market of true connoisseurs, and is classified premium  as per international standards, based on organoleptic and chemical analysis conducted in Italy.


Darmmess comes exclusively from Deir Mimas, South Lebanon, a small village of unspoiled beauty and authenticity, overlooking the Litani river, neighboring Beaufort castle built by the crusaders and hosting the historic Mar Mema monastery.  Nested among the hills, Deir Mimas is coated with majestic olive trees harking back to Biblical times. Blessed with a white soil naturally rich in clay, a temperate climate and an average altitude (580 meters), Deir Mimas represents a unique favorable environment for olive groves.


The innovation lies behind Darmmess’s process from harvest timing, quality (monovarietal, only 100% sorted and unripe baladi, one of the oldest varieties), milling (decanther alfa laval, zero heat), to filtering. The origin, packaging, transparency and traceability of the product, and of course the taste and quality, makes Darmmess unique.

Darmmess has been internationally recognized and won two international awards as of year one: 2020 gold medal at IOOC, Italy and a silver medal at JOOP, Japan.

Our 2020 phenolic content of 294mg per kg classifies Darmmess officially and globally as a high phenolic EVOO.

“ The European Union Health Claim Labelling Regulation 432–2012 states that olive oils with polyphenols of 250 mg/kg or more can claim: Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. … The higher the concentration of phenolic compounds, the greater the potential health benefit”


As a native of Deir Mimas, South of Lebanon, a beautiful small village nested between hills covered with ancient olive trees ( 600 – 2000 years old), Rose Bechara, Founder of Darmmess grew up observing the magic and mystery embracing Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The founder shares: “making it available around the globe to those who would appreciate has been a childhood and long-cherished dream. It is only early October 2019, a few weeks before Lebanese revolution, that Darmmess Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born.”


Darmmess main purpose is to reflect a high image of Lebanese EVOO and have it compared to high end European ones. Darmmess is helping the Lebanese EVOO be positioned worldwide and enter the world map of olive oils.


Farmers , workers, millers in Deir Mimas village, as well as any end consumer looking for a high quality olive oil.


Deir Mimas Village,

South of Lebanon