Robinson Agri

Robinson Agri Leading producer of greenhouses, PE pipes grafted vegetables plants and organic certified seedlings. We provide turnkey agricultural and irrigation projects and other services in Lebanon and abroad since 1969.


Because of Robinson Agri’s import of one cut lettuce seeds, it now takes just one knife stroke to get a perfectly cut lettuce salad?


Robinson Agri works behind the scenes but it is very much involved in the value chain which leads to consumers enjoying a produce.

Robinson Agri is driven by their motto of sustainable innovation and by their commitment to improve life conditions which they see as part of their CSR. As an implementation of their motto and CSR, they are introducing new techniques to the agricultural sector and enabling innovation.

They adopted a new technique in agriculture called grafting to improve the vigor of the vegetable plants and their yield and reduce the use of pesticides. Robinson Agri also implemented smart irrigation solutions in agriculture to decrease water consumption while increasing production of fruits and vegetables and boosting quality and uniformity.

With the one cut lettuce that Robinson Agri introduced, less water is used to clean the lettuce; time is saved with minimum food waste – which is very important in the hospitality business


When one works with agriculture, they become attached to the land and its people. As such, Robinson Agri truly believes that Lebanon has an exceptional microclimate and land- it is no surprise that everyone always says Lebanon’s fruits and vegetables have a great taste-which needs to be supported.

Supporting this sector means keeping up with innovations in agriculture and introducing new technologies and techniques because if that doesn’t happen, then Lebanon will be left behind.


Robinson Agri’s ultimate goal is the end consumers health because at the end, everybody is an end consumer when it comes to food. Eating fruits and vegetables with less pesticides is important for one’s health.


All the agricultural value chain will benefit from it starting with the breeder of fruits and vegetables because they are selling their products. The agriculture company is benefitting through introducing new techniques while the farmer is improving his production and so is making more money. Supermarkets and restaurants are also reducing waste because of the better quality produce resulting from these innovations. Finally, the end consumer is eating healthy food.

These innovations are also reducing food waste, waste water and energy.

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