Chadi Abou Nohra

Chadi Abou Nohra

Deputy Director – SME Programs

Chadi Abou Nohra joined Berytech in November 2021, to help run SMEs support and business development programs. He started his journey being in charge of the Food System Challenge program, implemented in coordination with the United Nations’ World Food Programme, until his appointment as Deputy Director of the SME Department in October 2022.

Between 2001 and 2021, Chadi amassed highly diversified knowledge as an investment and corporate banker, having headed credit advisory units, with a focus on manufacturing industries and commodities trade.
Over this period, he helped prepare, structure, set, close and deploy several project finance deals with an aggregate exposure exceeding USD 2 Billion, including erection of oil terminals, extensions of cement production plants.
Specialized in the oil and gas segment, Chadi built himself an extensive skillset in all matters related to the sector, including multi-party supply structuring, specific trade finance arranging, and cash management.

In 2019, Chadi established and headed the Special Funds unit at Bank Audi, managing the institution’s strategic external funds and related International Financial Institutions relations, including Green/Environmental funds. He was part of the team that negotiated, closed, managed, and implemented the largest green fund dedicated to the Lebanese domestic private sector, established in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), for an aggregate value of USD 200 Million.
This unit was entrusted with special missions related to high-level strategic projects, and the handling of business relations with IFIs/DFIs and regulatory bodies.

Among other tasks, he helped establish the processes, legal and compliance framework, business relations, and operations related to the necessity goods subsidies program, in coordination with the Central Bank of Lebanon.

Chadi holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Université St Joseph, a Master’s in Financial Economics from Université Paris I Sorbonne, and an MBA from Université Paris IX Dauphine.
He is a Lebanese and US citizen, father to one boy; a History buff, and deeply passionate about Tech in all its forms.