Nadine Khoury

President · COO at Robinson Agri

After graduating in 1995 with a B.S. in Agriculture Engineering from the American University of Beirut, Nadine Khoury went to the Kingdom of the Netherlands for a six months training before launching her roses and colored pepper project.

Equipped with important operational experience, she started working at Robinson Agri, the company founded by her father Sami El Khoury. Armed with a solid belief in the potential of Lebanese Agriculture with the help of a highly specialized team, Nadine ascended the role of COO, directly contributing to the expansion of the Greenhouse & Seed businesses of Robinson Agri, and the establishment of Agrigrow – the professional plant nursery founded in partnership with Dutch company Grow Group, an international front runner and specialist in grafting vegetable plants.

Her focus on innovation pushed Robinson Agri to the forefront of advancing agriculture in Lebanon. Not stopping at agriculture, Nadine worked on the establishment of Elysee WISE in a joint venture with Elysee – Cyprus, a factory for irrigation and potable water PE pipes and is actively heading its Business Development Unit.

Over the course of her career, Nadine has served as a member of different professional associations like LDBA, the Association of Lebanese Industrialists and Byblos Industrialists Assembly, and recently as a board member in WLC and in Agrytech Program, also as the President of QOOT Agri-Food Innovation Cluster.