• Better connections
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Easier market access

Eligibility Criteria

The membership is open to all officially registered entities operating along the agribusiness value chain in Lebanon. We welcome both SMEs and existing companies that are currently engaged in innovation, have been associated with innovative initiatives in the past, or are interested in innovating in the future.

What kind of innovation

Qoot supports innovation in the context of business models or concepts, agricultural or processing techniques, development of new products, breeds or varieties, packaging systems and processes, automation, technological enhancements, and any other novel approaches that can boost Lebanon’s agricultural economy.

How it works

You can start the process of joining Qoot by filling out the application form below. We will then contact you for other details and documentation about your company profile. Your completed application will be presented to our board members at our monthly cluster meeting, and will be approved if your business and portfolio meet our eligibility criteria.

The yearly membership fee varies as per your company’s size. It is $250 for small companies (1 to 10 employees), $500 for medium-sized companies (11 to 50 employees), and $800 for large companies (more than 50 employees).

Start your application

To initiate your membership application, please fill the form below with detailed information about you, your company and your innovation. Our team will go through your submission and get back to you to complete your application process.