Matchmaking between Lama Foods and Grapeful

Lama Foods and Grapeful, both QOOT Cluster members, are collaborating together to valorize their uncommercialized products.

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Italian Technologies for the Agro-Industry in Lebanon

The “Italian Technologies for the Agro-Industry in Lebanon” webinar took place with the Italian trade agency, in collaboration with QOOT Cluster, Berytech, ALI and IDAL. 

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Opportunities between the UK and Lebanon

The Embassy of Lebanon in the United Kingdom, with the support of Berytech and QOOT Cluster, hosted a webinar entitled The Food and Beverage Industry. Opportunities between the UK and Lebanon

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Surviving and thriving in times of adversity – Natagri’s story

The first half of 2020 has brought tremendous challenges to Lebanese businesses. This is how Natagri, QOOT Cluster member, reacted to the crisis.

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QOOT Cluster at Lebanon Food Show USA 2020

More than 1000 visitors attended the Lebanon Food Show USA 2020, organized by the Embassy of Lebanon in Washington, with the participation of more than 30 SMEs from Lebanon and around 20 QOOT Cluster members.

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