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Our members consist of small, medium and large enterprises dealing in food production, input supplies, processing, distribution, marketing, technology, and retail, among other verticals.


209 Lebanese Wine

209 Lebanese wine is an online ecommerce platform dedicated to the sales and marketing of more than 60 Lebanese wineries.


Abido Spices

Abido Spices Co. is specialized in the grinding, mixing and packaging of herbs, spices, rice, sugar, starch, ready-to-use mix powders and other food products.

Adonis Valley

Since 1998, Adonis Valley has been cultivating an array of high-end, authentic organic and Mediterranean recipes, honoring the rich tapestry of Lebanon’s culinary traditions.

Agridev logo


Are you interested in sustainable rural development and local food processing? Agridev might be the perfect example of what you’re looking for! With a focus on improving the quality of raw products, increasing farmers’ profits, and involving women in the manufacturing process, Agridev has become a leader in the field. Through their innovative business model and specific approaches to product development, Agridev is making a real impact on the local community in Rass-Baalbeck, benefiting farmers and households alike.


Agrifresh is a Lebanese agricultural and food industrial company that produces healthy, fresh-cut vegetables that meet the highest international health standards (GLOBAL G.A.P; ISO 22000, Yum!).


Agriplus / Shuman

A poultry company leader in quality chicken in Lebanon. Shuman Farms has been since 1958 pioneer in poultry production and marketing. Since its foundation Shuman Farms has always been leader in innovation. It is the first company in Lebanon to market ready to eat branded chicken and has introduced to the Lebanese market many new products such fresh packed branded cuts, and the further processed chicken products.

Agro Cedrus - QOOT Member

Agro Cedrus

Agro Cedrus is a company promoting organic crop farming, in a thirty hectares farm in Menjez Akkar.

Al Mawsam

Al Mawsam

In 2020, Al Mawsam launched its operations and has been since then on an increasing growth curve despite the crisis and continuous devaluation of the currency. 3 years in the business has equipped the team with the needed know-how to effectively provide the services and we are looking forward to service more producers. Our resilience came from acquiring a decent amount of experience, understanding the market’s dynamics and conducting scientific research about rural-rural and rural-urban linkages, allowing us to develop an effective business-to-business distribution model adaptable to artisan and smallholders. The model is pushing the business to scale and expand on the economic level as well as on its social impact.


Al Rifai

Back in 1948, Moussa Rifai Sr. opened a tiny shop on Mazraa street in Beirut to sell his home roasted nuts and kernels. Quickly becoming famous for his high quality roasting techniques, the venture expanded and Al Rifai Roastery was born. We just love nuts. That’s us, in a nutshell. We have 70 years of experience of producing high quality nuts.


Al Wadi Al Akhdar

Al Wadi Al Akhdar, “The Green Valley” in Arabic was founded in the late 70’s with the mission to bring the goodness of nature to every home. Throughout the years, it became a leading Lebanese food brand with a strong presence in 22 countries.



Brasserie Almaza was founded in 1933 and is the Lebanon’s leading brewer, with a strong portfolio of beer and non-alcoholic malt beverage brands; such as Almaza, Heineken, Al Rayess, Rex and Laziza. We supply to the local market and export to over 25 countries, catering not only to the Lebanese diaspora but to those who want a taste of Lebanon.


Arc en Ciel

Since its inception in 1985, arcenciel’s mission in Lebanon has been to promote diversity, integration and development through 5 core programs: Agriculture & Environment, Mobility & Health, Responsible Tourism, Youth Empowerment, and Social Support. We are a Lebanese based non-profit NGO, which supports Lebanon’s most underprivileged and marginalized communities, regardless of religion, political affiliation or nationality.


Atibaia Winery

Atibaia Winery, also known as Clos du Chêne S.A.L., is a boutique winery located in Batroun, overlooking the Mediterranean.
Since its inception, the winery’s goal has been to produce distinguished wines while maintaining its status as a boutique winery.

Zeit Boulos


Zeit Boulos, part of ATYAB company, holds long experience in the entire manufacturing cycle of olive oil, from the olive tree in its groves to the bottle on the consumer’s table.


Since 1996, Ayadina produces homemade pickles, jams and condiments from the finest agricultural ingredients in the market



Bioland is a certified group of organic farms, food supplier, retailer, and caterer; working towards making organic available to everyone.

Biomass SAL

Driven by a simple passion for real food, Biomass has been farming organically since 2007 with a growing range of certified organic products.

bionord logo


Bionord is an agricultural company involved in both agri-food and agriculture sectors. Bionord offers primally a wide range of locally sourced dairy products that are 100% natural with no additives and preservatives in addition to fruits and vegetables while resorting to organic farming methods.


Bites of delight is a plant-based snack provider where its two founders and licensed dietitians joined forces to make gluten-free and vegan snacks that everyone can enjoy!

abi nasr logo

Café Abi Nasr

Café Abi Nasr was established in 1956 by Rafic Abic Nasr as a small shop. Two years ago, they started to expand their product line to include a new brand of Lebanese coffee – Morena Café, Prestigio espresso, and the Western Cup – American Coffee.

caves des ours logo

Cave des Ours

Cave Des Ours is renowned for its Lebanese Apple Wine and Apple Arak being the pioneer in apple wineries and distilleries in Lebanon and the Middle East.


Château Cana – Vallée Lamartine SARL

Château Cana has been producing wine for over 20 years. The name “Cana” is derived from the miracle that happened in Cana of Galilée, South of Lebanon, where Jesus Christ transformed water into wine. This is meant to represent the presence of wine in Lebanon for thousands of years.


Chateau Kefraya

Château Kefraya is the only winery born during Lebanon’s civil war (1975-90). This exploit was achieved because of the vision and perseverance of Founder Michel de Bustros. The vineyard is located above 1000 meters in the West-Bekaa Valley, in the heart of the most beautiful wine region of Lebanon. It covers almost 300 hectares. Crossed by the Great African (Tectonic) Rift, the result is a very diverse mosaic of different terroirs made of micro-plots, harvested manually and vinified separately, with utmost care and precision.

Château Ksara SAL

From its founding in 1857, Château Ksara Estate lives and grows through the core values of tradition, nobility, and modernity.