Fri, Jul 02, 2021

Le Secteur Agro-Alimentaire Libanais

The Lebanese Embassy in Paris is organizing a forum to link producers from Lebanon to distributors in France on Friday July 2, 2021. QOOT Cluster will be joining this event to present different innovations in the Lebanese agri-food sector.

Five QOOT Cluster members, The Good Thymes, Zejd, Taqa Bar, Abido, and Smart Gourmet, will also be sharing their story and innovations.

  • Date: July 2, 2021
  • Time: 4:00pm- 5:30pm (Beirut Time)


I. Opening session

  • Mr. Rami ADWAN, Ambassador of Lebanon in France
  • Mr. Gaby TAMER, President of the Franco-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce
  • How to encourage the export of Lebanese agri-food products to France? by Mr. Didier KLING, President of the Chamber of Commerce, and Industry of French Lebanese
  • Agro-food ecosystem in Lebanon and impact on the national economy and job creation, by Mrs. Rachel ALAMEDDINE, Economic Attaché at the Embassy of Lebanon in France


II. Success stories (1): Production conditions in Lebanon, the industrial process, quality control

  • Master Chips, Mr. Michel DAHER 
  • The Apple chips, Mr. Eliott RIZK 
  • Halaweh / Tahineh, Mr. Mounir BSAT 
  • Saltek bread, Traditional Bread, Mr. Greg NERCESSIAN

III. The Experience in distributing Lebanese products in France. 

  • Carrefour, Ms. Charlotte LACOMBE 
  • Délices d’Orient, Mr. Raymond HAWLI


IV. Success stories (2): presentation of featured products

  • Short pieces, M. Pierre BATIKHA: Jams 
  • At Chtaura, Mr. Abed KHODER: Baba Ghanouj / Pomegranate Molasses 
  • Ms. Malak NAJJARIN: Spices
  • Marwan KANAAN: Pistachios 


V. The keys to enter the French market, understanding the behavior of consumers, new trends in the French market 

  • Leclerc
  • Sodimo, Mr. Rani AZZI: The strengths/challenges of agribusiness distribution in Lebanon, the importance of the presence of Lebanese agribusiness in major surface. 


VI. New trends in agribusiness in Lebanon

  • M. Philippe ODEIMI / M. Christian KAMEL-Lebanese know-how, the competitive advantage of the Lebanese product – the case of “Terroirs du Liban” products 
  • Mrs. Jihane CHAHLA, QOOT Cluster Manager – Innovation ecosystem in agribusiness in Lebanon. 


VII. Success stories (3): between modernity and tradition 

  • The Good Thymes – Mr. Fadi AZIZ
  • Smart gourmet – Mr. Jad ATALLAH
  • Taqa bars – Mrs. Soumaya MERHEJ 
  • Zejd – Mr. Youssef FARES


VIII. Tips for successfully entering the French market 

  • ANIA (National Association of Food Industries) – French Market needs and relations to be established between companies in Lebanon and companies in France for potential business development. 
  • Representative of the agro-food sector within the ALI (Association of Industrialists Lebanese) – Mr. George NASRAOUI – Identification of possible avenues of cooperation between the two countries in the agri-food sector. 
  • Ms. Dania Khalil, Policy Officer and Project Director, CCFL Presentation and launch of the “DARE LEBANON” initiative.



July 2, 2021