Tue, May 28, 2019

Workshop: Creativity & Innovation for Executives

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QOOT is organizing a workshop which will guide companies toward thinking strategically to select innovative opportunities and expand so that innovation becomes part of their DNA. The workshop is tailored for SMEs and large companies in the agri-food sector.

Date: Tuesday, May 28 and Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Time: 9:00am to 4:30pm
Venue: Berytech Innovation Park Mar Roukoz (map)
Available Seats: 8
Fees: US$200

Workshop Details

The 2-day workshop includes a series of individual and group exercises and interactions that help executives overcome challenges, solve problems, and achieve strategic goals through innovation.

Throughout these two days, the workshop will shed light on best practices for developing innovative products, services, processes and business models, will introduce metrics to measure and evaluate the different types of innovations taking place in the workplace, and will propel innovation within your firm to a next level.

The workshop will be followed by one on one coaching session.

Program’s Objectives

  • Overcoming challenges, solving problems and achieving strategic goals through innovation.
  • Creativity and Innovation in the Knowledge Economy.
  • Transforming your creative ideas into real innovations by applying the Innovators Process® and Innovators Tool® “Interactive Innovation App”.
  • Developing innovative products and services, processes and business models.
  • Measuring and evaluating different types of innovation.
  • Discovering your team skills and allocating the convenient projects and tasks taking into consideration their creative personality capabilities and talents.
  • Developing and implementing adequate innovation software to facilitate submitting ideas and innovations to your management.
  • Learning how to manage a diversified innovation portfolio.
  • Learning to anticipate the next tsunami in your industry and make sure to ride the wave.
  • Leading through strategic innovation.


The workshop is an interactive course based on simulations, dynamic video discussions, case study group workshops, applied creative exercises & proven innovation processes, tools and techniques.

Program’s Outline

Discover why some positive people are more innovative than others

  • Get inside your brain and discover yourself.
  • Know how people might become whole-brained or diverse thinkers.
  • Learn key steps people must take to accelerate innovation.
  • Make innovation a core happiness competency & a positive culture.
  • Learn what happens next once ideas are generated.

Improve your innovation and foster more innovation through a positive culture

  • Encourage leadership to drive innovation.
  • Build up a motivational positive culture.
  • Design teams to be more diverse & whole-brain.
  • Use creative techniques to accelerate innovation.
  • Leverage technology to empower people.
  • Create spaces to inspire innovation & to motivate teams.

Defining needs & opportunities in a turbulent world

  • The different types of stakeholders.
  • The different types of customer’s needs.
  • Innovative techniques to identify needs & preferences.

Learn new processes, tools & techniques to innovate (Develop ideas, products, services, processes, business models & solutions)

  • New 3Rs Process.
  • M-Curve Process.
  • 4 Stages Accelerated Innovation®.
  • Design Thinking Process.
  • Innovators Process®.
  • Innovators Tool® “ Interactive Innovation App”

Maximize the productivity of the group working

  • Experience the difference in the thinking styles.
  • Improve the productivity of the group working as a team.
  • Allocate special projects to the right team members.
  • Improve communication within the group.
  • Manage more effectively by understanding the creative dispositions and priorities of employees and team members.

Develop & implement adequate innovation software (To Submit Ideas)

  • Understand the importance of kicking-off an innovation software where
  • employees can share their ideas & innovations with the top management.
  • Learn how to structure the right Ideation software.
  • Discover the importance of facilitating the employees voting option in
  • order to engage the whole organization.

Learn how to manage a diversified innovation portfolio

  • Understand the different types of innovation & their importance on the innovation matrix.
  • Become familiar with the innovation framework & its components.
  • Learn how to measure innovation & become familiar with global innovation indexes.
  • Learn why it is important to manage a diversified innovation portfolio.
  • Become familiar with the innovation risk matrix.
  • Define your risk appetite & know how to reward risk, failure & success.


The workshop will be provided by Maher Mezher, one of the top experts in innovation in the region.

Maher is regarded as one of the top experts in innovation and his ideas have been widely used throughout the world. He has launched the Fertility Loan, the first of its kind, gaining international recognition and positioning First National Bank as the most creative and innovative in its products. Consequently, he spread worldwide recognition after being interviewed by more than 160 media stations like CNN, BBC, Reuters, Figaro, and M6, RUSSIA Today, and many others.

Maher is the Inventor of the Innovators Tool® the first Innovation App built on sound effects, 3D animated images, dynamic quotes, sonic and strategic tailored questions that guides innovators to transform their creative ideas into profitable innovations. He is as well the inventor of the Innovators Process® the newly designed agile Innovation Process all along with the Innovators Notebook©that helps embed the innovation culture and regain creative self-confidence. He is the founder of Innovators League SARL a leading regional Innovation consulting and training company.

Maher is a sought-after Innovation keynote speaker who presented at Harvard Club New York-USA, Utah State University-USA, Prague, Rome, London, Oslo-Norway, Stromstad-Sweden, Lisbon-Portugal, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Muscat-Oman Lebanon and several other countries delivering state-of-the-art interactive conferences.

He is a pioneer in the field of innovation as he launched 3 innovative Retail Banking products, which were worth being included as case studies in Harvard’s Business Review and Professor Philip Kotler’s “Principles of Marketing”, a textbook that will inspire future marketers during their university studies. The creative products were recognized by receiving several awards from financial and academic parties.

As one of today’s top innovators and to further reflect upon his known expertise in the field of innovation, Maher was selected to be a jury member in the Ideaz Prize TV show broadcasted on MTV Lebanon, a program that encourages young entrepreneurs to kick off their business start-ups.

He filed a number of Patents and Innovations in different industries. Maher is finalizing his book on Innovation “Leading Through Innovation©” believing that nowadays the only way to lead and grow is through Innovation and Leadership. He received his Masters in Marketing and Communication from ESCP- Paris and his Masters in Marketing from ESA- Beirut.

Maher occupies an academic role as a lecturer at Saint-Joseph University, Lebanon, an instructor at the Bankers Academy in New York, a Chartered Financial Marketer “ ChFM ” and a lead trainer at the American Academy of Financial Management, Certified Innovation Trainer by SolutionPeople – USA. He has advised and trained in different countries a substantial number of professionals and organizations in the fields of Innovation, Creative Leadership, Design Thinking, Coaching, Gamification, Marketing, Retail Banking, Advanced Sales Techniques, Consumer Behavior, Customer Relationship Management, Engagement and Loyalty Programs, Team Building and Self-improvement.


Tue. May 28 & Wed. May 29, 2019


Berytech Innovation Park