Amal Obeid

Adolescent and Youth Program Specialist, UNICEF Lebanon

Amal is the Adolescent and Youth Program Specialist at UNICEF Lebanon where she oversees the Adolescent and Youth program, specializing in the Learning to Earning pillar. She is also working with the UNICEF Gulf office as Partnership and Fundraising specialist with private and public partners, in addition to policy, education, and humanitarian work.

In 2021, she was also the Deputy Team Leader for the Global Forum for Children and Youth at Office of the Deputy Executive Director, and she occupied the post of Donor Relations in the office of the Representative in UNICEF Lebanon in 2019. Before joining UNICEF in 2004, Amal worked with UNFPA and UNESCO Regional Office.

Amal holds a master’s degree in “Leadership and Strategies” from Instituto de Empresa (IE Business School) in Madrid and a bachelor’s in psychology from the Lebanese American University in Beirut.

Agri-food Innovation Award