Chef Maroun Chedid

Maroun Chedid

Award-winning Chef, Entrepreneur, and TV Personality

Maroun Chedid is a culinary artisan who is well-versed in all the facets of food conception and execution. Maroun grew up in the Lebanese village of Saghbine. Located in West Bekaa, an area known for its nature’s beauty and the richness of its soil, it has always been a continuous source of inspiration to him. It was only natural that from a young age, Maroun would be taught to love and respect nature and its harvests. His childhood spent amid animal farms, bees, and citrus fruits nurtured his senses and played a vital role in setting him on the path of his lifelong quest for culinary perfection.

The Mediterranean landscape, with its enchanting smells of orange blossom flowers in the air, the sounds of chirping birds, green valleys, olive trees, and rural living gave him a heightened sense of respect for nature and its resources. Nature was his mentor, opening his eyes at a young age not only to the diversity and specificities of each product and core ingredient but also to the wealth and richness of well-thought-out combinations. Summers for him were spent in the South coast of Lebanon, where he was exposed to the wealth of the Mediterranean Sea, with all its beauty and diversity. These treasures that he found in nature played a vital role in forging his identity as a Chef. This strong connection to the land gives him today an instinctual ability to identify and choose from local and seasonal ingredients. Maroun’s experience spans over thirty years in the culinary world. He has played a vital role in developing and growing the business of many restaurants and culinary venues that have become established names around the world. With the richness of Lebanese cuisine and the beauty of the Mediterranean in his heart, Maroun’s culinary explorations are never-ending.

Although Maroun Chedid is an avid reader; however, he believes that reading books is not the only way to learn. Traveling and being exposed to arts offers a new level of learning and provides new perspectives that can nourish different parts of the soul as well. His determination allowed him to open the doors to his business success. Maroun used to attend a lot of trainings and reported everything he saw. Contests helped him as well. For him, competitions are the time of the year when a person exceeds himself.

Agri-food Innovation Award