209 Lebanese Wine

209 Lebanese wine is an online ecommerce platform dedicated to the sales and marketing of more than 60 Lebanese wineries.


Almost all Lebanese wines (from 65 wineries in the country), including hard to find vintages of established wineries, have been gathered for sale under one virtual roof?


209 Lebanese Wine is Lebanon’s first one-stop online shop for locally produced wines and spirits (gin, vodka and arak) where users can order bottles online and have them delivered to their doorstep.

The platform includes the vast majority of Lebanese wines ranging from small producers who may have limited distribution to large wineries who sometimes want to make their older vintages more accessible.

209 Lebanese Wine acts as an online sommelier giving users guidance on wine pairings and wines to match their taste or budget to name some examples. The wines are mainly distributed locally but a collection of them have begun their international journey.


209 Lebanese Wine’s story started when its founder Selim Yasmine identified a gap in the accessibility of most Lebanese wines.

While common vintages of well-known wineries were readily found in supermarkets, more elusive vintages of these wines and wines from small and medium wineries were difficult to source. As such 209 offered a solution to this market need.


Through 209, wine lovers have the choice of Lebanese wines or vintages which are not commonly found in supermarkets or even in delicatessen thereby widening consumers’ education and access to locally produced wine. Being able to purchase wine online and have it delivered to one’s home is also more convenient to consumers who may not have easily accessible wine shops.

From the perspective of wine producers, 209 is important in that it widens their market scope allowing them to reach new customers who discover them through the platform. This is especially important for small to medium producers who may not have a big budget for marketing and promotion.


209 Lebanese Wine has a positive impact on the community in that the ecosystem behind the production of wine benefits with the success of the platform.

When more bottles of Lebanese wine are sold on 209, everyone from grape growers to those who harvest the grapes to those who are employed by the wineries for back office work and finally to the wine producers themselves, benefit from an increase in productivity and business.

Starlette building, Mar Takla

Hazmieh, Lebanon

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