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A poultry company leader in quality chicken in Lebanon. Shuman Farms has been since 1958 pioneer in poultry production and marketing. Since its foundation Shuman Farms has always been leader in innovation. It is the first company in Lebanon to market ready to eat branded chicken and has introduced to the Lebanese market many new products such fresh packed branded cuts, and the further processed chicken products.

Did you know?

Shuman Farms has optimized the quality of its feed to make it more efficient?

What is the innovation?

Shuman Farms’ innovation is in improving feed efficiency. They developed a feed evaluation system with research centers in Europe through which they optimize the technical performance of the chicken.

Health and management systems are constantly changing, and Shuman’s feed evaluation system is changing along as well.

This system is the product of an ongoing Research and Innovation Program which was also developed by Shuman Farms and which has a mission to stay up to date on the latest techniques and research relating to poultry.

What is the story behind the innovation?

Shuman Farms prides itself on staying up to date on the latest innovations and techniques when it comes to chicken and is therefore always researching ways to improve feed efficiency which in turn would lead to better quality chicken and a sustainable animal feeding.

Why is it important?

The feed Shuman Farms produces has the right nutritional value to insure good growth, healthy chicken, and improve the results of the farmer. Through more efficient feed, the farmer will have better quality chicken at a lower cost.

The consumer will enjoy tastier and healthier chicken that has high measures of food safety.

Who does it benefit?

Shuman Farms’ Research and Innovation Program goes beyond its primary focus on sustainability and optimal performance.

It focuses on animal health and welfare by replacing antibiotics with essential oils and plant remedies. Shuman Farms focus also on animal wellbeing.

The program benefits the environment in that it researches and tries to minimize the impact of animal production on the environment by the reduction of waste for example.

The improved feed efficiency is in itself beneficial to the environment as well in that fewer natural resources are needed.

Damaa center, Kaslik Highway

Zouk Mikael, Kesrouane