Ahead Inspection Lebanon SAL

Ahead Inspection Lebanon offers technical services and solutions in the fields of testing, inspection, conformity, assessment and certification, and training sessions.

ABOUT Ahead Inspection Lebanon sal

Ahead Inspection Lebanon provides their customers, “as partner of TUV Austria and member of AHEAD Group” more than 270 services by more than 2,000 relevant technical experts working over 40 countries with the more added value for a sustainable, flexible and above all workable solutions.

Some of their services :

  • ISO standards certification as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 45001,ISO 50001;
  • HALAL, GLOBAL GAP, CE, UL certifications
  • COVID SHIELD certification
  • “COC” certificate of conformity for exports
  • Certification for Compostable/Biodegradable products (okcompost & okbiodegradable)
  • Pre & Post shipments inspection
  • Building inspection, fire safety, NDT, QA/QC surveillance
  • Technical basic and professional Trainings

Adapting the right management system is very important for a successful operation but maintaining it is also a key factor. That is why facility assessment, documentation review, internal policy auditing, and many other actions are part of the services they are proud to offer. Their site visits ensure full conformity with local, international and private standards, regulations and clients requirements for construction, agriculture, manufacturing, food & beverage, retail, shipping, Medical & health care and others.



As partner of TÜV Austria Group in Lebanon, Ahead Inspection Lebanon put their expertise into practice by offering several services for various industries to improve the quality of the products and services to allow the client to access international markets.

The scope of services offered by Ahead Inspection Lebanon can be identified to assure:

  • Quality for products
  • Safety and security for life
  • Environment
  • Systems integrity for sustainability

QOOT Cluster members will profit from AIL-TÜV Austria partner team from their long experience in providing services, while providing Internationally recognized certifications at very competitive price.


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