Brasserie Almaza was founded in 1933 and is the Lebanon’s leading brewer, with a strong portfolio of beer and non-alcoholic malt beverage brands; such as Almaza, Heineken, Al Rayess, Rex and Laziza.

We supply to the local market and export to over 25 countries, catering not only to the Lebanese diaspora but to those who want a taste of Lebanon.


You are now able to sip premium beer with zero alcohol content and less than half the calories of an alcoholic premium beer? Heineken 0.0 in Lebanon is the biggest and most impactful product launch that Heineken has seen in decades.

With Heineken’s 0.0 we have the world’s first great-tasting, premium, zero percent alcohol beer.


Heineken released into the Lebanese market, in mid-January 2019, Heineken 0.0%, a non-alcoholic version of the internationally acclaimed all natural and premium beer. It took Heineken’s research and development team many years to come up with a non-alcoholic brew that would retain the same refreshing taste of the alcoholic version of Heineken. Today, Heineken 0.0% tastes different to regular Heineken. However, it has the same characteristic fruity notes, but with a soft malty body.

Heineken is the first beer brewery in the world to release a non-alcoholic premium beer. While there are beverages that promote themselves as non-alcoholic beer, they are in fact simply malt beverages.


The nonalcoholic beverages category is a fast growing one, especially in today’s world where consumers are more health conscious and prefer to cut down on calories that come from alcohol consumption.

Heineken realized that there was no premium beer within the nonalcoholic beverages segment and so identified a need for an alcohol free beer. Heineken believes there is a strong market opportunity in Lebanon for such a product.


Through Heineken 0.0% “Now You Can” campaign, Heineken answers the needs of many types of consumers and sheds light on the different and infinite occasions and reasons to have a 0.0.

Consumers can now have a Heineken 0.0 before driving home, after the morning run, post-workout, to survive traffic, to have a party at work, to feel guilt-free with only 52 calories, on campus, anywhere, just before class, during study group, before a big presentation, while pulling an all-nighter, during detox week, to create their own happy hour etc…


Heineken 0.0 will have a positive impact on society in that Heineken identified a market need in its community and is responding to that need with a great tasting product.

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Jdeideh, Beirut

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