Since 1996, Ayadina produces homemade pickles, jams, and condiments from the finest agricultural ingredients in the market and their local garden, without any additives or chemicals, thereby making them totally natural %100 natural.


In the mid-1920s, Shikrey Baddour, a Lebanese immigrant, saw opportunity in the wasted cucumber crops of Mount Olive, North Carolina farmers. In 1926 the Mt. Olive Pickle Company: The largest independent pickle company in the United States; was founded. It is almost 100 Years old.

Ayadina has a very wide variety of products that fall into six categories:

  1. Pickles and Relishes
  2. Jams (including light jams) and Preserves
  3. Condiments and Distillates
  4. Spices and Herbs
  5. Olives and Oil
  6. Pulses & Grains


Ayadina is not a mass production agro-industry company, the company’s core values are to:

  1. Promote Local produce: By sourcing from local farmers all around Lebanon and from Ayadina’s garden.
  2. Women empowerment: By hiring Lebanese women from all around Lebanon to produce Ayadina’s products.
  3. Sustainability: By starting a reward program for returning empty glass containers and encouraging fruits and vegetables harvesting in Ayadina’s garden. They also designate harvesting days for the various vegetables and fruits and invite families to join in the picking process

Ayadina is planning to build a 500 SQM Hydroponic greenhouse to increase vegetable production and offer added learning opportunity for visitors and students.


The idea originated in scenic mountains of Keserwan in the town Ajaltoun in 1996 as a hobby of Mrs. Amale Harb who initially started pickle making to satisfy the needs of her family. She loved what she was doing and realized that an opportunity existed for her products to penetrate the market and decided to take advantage of it. The little “enterprise” quickly began processing and packing more and more types of pickles and jams. As time went by, the second generation continued the legacy and decided to ensure the availability of Ayadina products throughout Lebanon and hopefully worldwide. The team embarked on a journey to innovate and to enhance awareness thereby leading to all the above innovations.

Since 2008, Ayadina has earned a reputation of being “on a different level” than any other similar product on the market. The quality, quantity, presentation, and taste were without reproach. The flavor, appeal, and variety of Ayadina products entices all the senses.


Consumers will lead healthier lives as they will be consuming healthy products and spending time outdoors doing what their ancestors did.  The economic environment will improve once more jobs are created for locals.  The natural environment will also be preserved as the result of recycling/reusing of glass containers


Their highest priority is to satisfy their clients and to allow their customers to enjoy Ayadina’s heritage. Their aim is to become a destination for learning about Ayadina’s roots and traditions while embracing nature.



Ajaltoun, Keserwan