Bioland is a certified group of organic farms, food supplier, retailer, and caterer; working towards making organic available to everyone.

Did you know?

A wide range of organic products are now produced in Lebanon using 90 percent local resources?

What is the innovation?

Bioland produces organic fruits and vegetables, cow and goat dairy products (organic goat dairy products are seasonal), meats and chickens, dried fruits and nuts, honey, olive oil and mooneh products and essential oils.

Since eating organic is still niche in Lebanon and perceived as only for the wealthy because of its higher than conventional agriculture price tag, Bioland is trying to do two things. It is trying to make organic products affordable for everyone in Lebanon, especially for fruits and vegetables where the cost of production is close to conventional agriculture (the extra price for organic is in the certificate and in the risk of having to throw away all the crop if there is a diseased product since antibiotics cannot be used on organic produce).

Bioland has established, over the years, three distillation sites in Lebanon which use steam technology, the newest technique to get the best yield and oil quality. Bioland has developed exclusive contracts with farmers for raw material production and with global companies for final product selling.

What is the story behind the innovation?

Bioland started in 2009 as a small family owned production whereby the owner planted organic fruits and vegetables for himself and his family and friends.

The land produced an abundance of produce and at the same time Bioland identified a demand for affordable organic produce in Lebanon. It therefore began slowly expanding its business acquiring more land across Lebanon using permaculture methods and adding products such as meats, nuts, dairy and essential oils in response to market demand and need. Bioland operates its own stores (both in Achrafieh) and is available in specialized organic goods stores.

Why is it important?

Eating organic is very important to one’s health especially for children as it reduces risks of diseases and food has more nutrients.

Being in the organic system provides full product traceability to the producer and consumer.

Who is it benefitting?

Anyone who cares about their health or their children’s health benefits from eating organic.
Bioland is also supporting the local ecosystem through working with local farmers on producing organic products.

Bioland Fresh Organic Shop, Sioufi

Achrafieh, Beirut

+961 1 398 111