Boecker is the Middle East largest Food Safety, Pest Management and Germ Control group with over 1,800 employees in 7 countries.

Boecker provides accredited trainings in food safety ranging from ISO22000 to Global GAP as well as BRC and GFSI standards.

Boecker is also the owner of the Q-Platinum™ International Food Safety Certification for small and medium Food Businesses and a leader in Pest and Germ control with +40,000 commercial and residential clients in the region.


Boecker is the Middle East largest provider of pest control, germ control and food safety services. Boecker is an innovative leader in its field with more new services, products and solutions placed in the market than any other similar entity worldwide. Boecker is also fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, UK.

Boecker’s R&D is very active and in the last 5 years it has put in the market a series of products and services ranging from its Q-Platinum International Standard for food safety in small and medium businesses, the Safe ChildCare which is an integrated program for child nurseries that insures safe operation of the nursery including regular audits and targeted sanitizing and disinfecting.

Boecker’s range of Sanitizers are a continued success as they are the only sanitizers in the market that use Alcohol as a carrier only and are fortified by a U.S. Patented molecule that provides protection for the hands for up to 4 hours. Boecker is also innovative in the pest control field with the all new BIOGENTS technology which is based on mimicking the human body to attract and control mosquitoes.


Since its inception Boecker’s strategy is to differentiate itself in the market and from that Blue Ocean thinking stems all of our innovation. At the same time, the size of Boecker and its expansion puts a heavy responsibility towards making it at the forefront of innovation and market leadership.

Boecker’s innovations are important because they are designed with “value” in mind. Once your focus is value, once your whole thinking is customer-centric, then your path is set. Every innovation must serve an unlocked potential, an undiscovered need, or an obvious gap. Our brand purpose of “eliminating doubt from people’s lifestyles at every touch point, every day” also places us at an edge when it comes to innovation.

Boecker Building

Wadih Naim St., Ayn Remmaneh

Beirut, Lebanon

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