Cedar’s Premium Food & Beverage S.A.L

Cedar’s Premium Food & Beverage prides itself in having a long heritage in the Food & Beverage industry since 1941; in fact, the company was the first in Lebanon to start with the returnable glass bottles through the iconic “Nejem” brand, then moved to the “Pampa“ brand in plastic cups in 1986 and eventually other packaging where they grabbed 27% market share in the year 2000, to launch lately the Jalloul and Kazouza 1941 (and soon California Garden) brands among others. For more than 70 years, the company has been purchasing, manufacturing and marketing all types of fruit juices and related products, consequently accumulating high expertise in this field and creating close partnerships with key customers and suppliers.


Cedar’s Premium Food and Beverage is working on having differentiated beverage brands anticipating and satisfying diverse needs in the market. The company is creating value and making a difference through offering innovative, distinctive and tasty affordable products catered to all target segments in the market. The company is one of the few companies in the region with USDA & European Organic certificate.


Cedar’s Premium Food & Beverage is working on a high production efficiency which translates into increasing their production capacity with their actual existing fruit juice line (glass bottles). The company is also working on increasing fuel/energy efficiency through innovative more fuel efficient burning technology ad on. They also produce some emulsions and flavor in-house.


Cedar’s Premium Food & Beverage is working on diversifying their products. They are launching unique value added flavors such as Mexican malt, watermelon and lemon mint beverages, and introducing organic juices as well.

They have diversified product range targeting different segment in the market such as:

  • Carbonated soft drinks catered to the mass market: Jalloul 250 ml
  • Sparkling fruit drinks focusing on the young adults: Kazouza 1941 250 ml in glass bottles.
  • Fruit drink catered focusing on the youth: Fruity King 200 ml.
  • Malt beverage catered to non- alcoholic consumers: Cedar’s Premium 250 ml
  • Fruit drinks/nectars: California Garden 250 ml and 750 ml with unique flavors.
  • Fruit juices organic and Light targeted to health-conscious individuals
  • Fresh juices targeting health conscious individuals

Cedar’s Premium Food & Beverage is focusing on the local market while expending to new ones with their “BIO” and light range lines.


Consumers, customers & suppliers.