Château Cana – Vallée Lamartine SARL

Château Cana has been producing wine for over 20 years. The name “Cana” is derived from the miracle that happened in Cana of Galilée, South of Lebanon, where Jesus Christ transformed water into wine. This is meant to represent the presence of wine in Lebanon for thousands of years.


Château Cana is managed by a team of young, dedicated and passionate individuals. They been exporting wine across the world for over 2 decades and are happy to be elevating Lebanon’s name, and more specifically Lebanese wine’s name, higher internationally. Château Cana is a family owned and managed wine estate. It is the story of a man who converted a forgotten land into a vineyard at the very heart of Mount Lebanon, in a small village called Ras el Harf with an aim to encourage the families of around 30 villages to come back to their homes after the civil war. In 2018, Joanna Gerges, his daughter, joined the family owned winery. With more than 12 years of experience in brand management and consulting, Joanna breathed new life into the business and introduced a few changes, namely a rebranding from “Clos de Cana” to “Château Cana”. Amidst the most challenging turmoil Lebanon has seen in its modern history, Joanna is determined to continue what her father started years ago and bring it to a new level with her personal touch. In 2021, Château Cana was ranked in the Top 50 World’s Best Vineyards.


Jardin Secret (Secret Garden) is one of Château Cana’s red wine bottles that is also their best innovation as they are the only winery that uses “Sobbaghieh”, a 100% Lebanese grape to create this flagship bottle.


Sobbaghieh is a traditional Lebanese grape that was used to dye. Since the skin is very intense in color and very thick and the juice is limited but naturally very strong in color, it is very difficult to make wine from this grape. After a lot of patience, trial and expertise, they were the only winery to produce a mono-cepage wine from Sobbaghieh.


Château Cana continuously innovates to meet market demands and noticed the trend for indigenous grapes, aligning with their vineyard production of the Sobbaghieh variety, their export of Lebanese wine to international markets is an added value to uplift Lebanon’s local produce to higher ground and be known for its truest potential.


The ongoing expansion of Château Cana’s production greatly benefits the local community and impacts the Lebanese economy at macro levels. The continuous growth establishes Château Cana as a reputable brand in both domestic and foreign markets.

Ras El Harf, Bhamdoun, Mount Lebanon