Colonel Beer

Opened in the summer of 2014 on the shores of Batroun, Colonel is a microbrewery built on international standards, producing high quality refreshing beers. The venue consists of an eco-friendly brewery, a brewpub a restaurant and a beach bar.

Colonel is the first eco-friendly and independent microbrewery in Lebanon: a craft brewery that produces a big variety of full-flavored beers.

It is independently owned and characterized by an emphasis on quality, flavor and traditional brewing techniques.

The brand is often associated with sports; mostly water sports and nature. It all goes back to the fact that the beer is brewed on the shores of Batroun and “Colonel” is the name of a famous windsurfing and surfing spot in Batroun.

Colonel’s main ingredient is passion: a passion for quality, nature, sports, authenticity and life.


You can buy two liter refillable jugs of fresh beer to enjoy at your next house party?


Colonel began selling growlers- meaning two-liter glass gallons of beer filled up fresh- a year and a half at their brewery in Batroun. The beer in the growler lasts for two weeks.

Once consumers are done with the beer, they bring the jug back and refill it from the brewery itself or any pub that sells Colonel draft beer.


Jamil Haddad, founder of Colonel, is a lover of nature and was always thinking of ways to protect and preserve the natural environment in Lebanon. He believes all Lebanese should think in an ecofriendly and sustainable way.

A year and a half ago, local beer breweries were producing very small bottles of beer as a sort of novelty item which Jamil found wasteful. This triggered him to think of doing the opposite, which is launching growlers which fit two liters of beer.


Growlers are environmentally friendly for several reasons. Since Colonel’s growlers are refillable, consumers can buy them only one time instead of having to buy a new one every time. Since one growler contains two liters of beer, it replaces buying almost eight individual bottles of beer at a time. Also with a growler usage of materials such as the label or the bottle cap-which typically end up being thrown away instead of recycled- is eliminated.

Growlers are also cost efficient in that consumers pay for the jug once and then pay a small amount for every refill (less than they would have paid for the same amount of beer in a bottle).


Jamil says the growler is very popular among his customers. As more and more consumers opt for this option when purchasing beer, waste decreases and so does unnecessary consumption of bottles, caps and labels. Lebanon’s natural environment is thus the ultimate beneficiary.

Colonel Beer, Batroun Seaside


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