Crown Flour Mills

What began in 1952 as a modest mill capable of milling 40 tons of wheat per day is now one of the most modern and competitive mills in the Middle East with a capacity of more than 15,000 tons of wheat per month. We started out with the top-of-the-line equipment for the time, and focused on quality in every way.

That approach has certainly fueled our success, but over the years it has been bolstered by a strong investment in securing the most advanced technologies, extending our facilities, and in continuous training of our highly qualified personnel.


You can enjoy a gluten free version of the double layered pita bread that is a staple of the Lebanese (and the region’s) diet?


Crown Flour Mills produces standard pita bread mixes but recently developed a mix for double layer gluten free bread and a double layer low glycemic index (low GI) bread mix ideal for those with diabetes.


As producers of flour mixes for breads, management of Crown Flour Mills attends a number of international exhibitions in their field. Around four years ago, they identified a health conscious trend manifested, among other aspects, in a demand for gluten free breads and breads with low glycemic index.

At that time, there was also a need for gluten free and low GI breads that cater to diabetics in Lebanon but a limited number of products were meeting that demand (and they were often imported and expensive). There was also no gluten free double layer pita bread although this type of bread is the most commonly enjoyed in the Middle East. As such, Crown Flour Mills recognized a market opportunity in producing mixes for double layer gluten free bread-almost identical in taste and texture to the standard pita bread.

They also identified an opportunity in developing mixes for low GI pita bread. It took Crown Flour Mills four years of Research and Development to come up with the mixes for the gluten free and low GI breads which they launched in 2018.


Cases of type two diabetes are becoming more common and as such low GI pita bread helps diabetics maintain a low glycemic index diet while still getting to enjoy the pita bread they are used to.

Although a limited number of people have Celiac disease or are gluten intolerant, many prefer gluten free bread as it makes them feel less bloated. Again, giving them a double layer pita bread option allows preserve their food preferences while maintaining the health conscious lifestyle they demand.


The end consumer is being able to enjoy a healthier lifestyle while maintaining food habits.

Crown Flour Mills, 446 Corniche du Fleuve

El Naher, Beirut

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