Daher Foods

From its humble beginnings, in 1992, in the Lebanese Bekaa Valley, Daher Foods has grown to cater its set leading brands to most of the Middle East and North Africa. Today we operate some of the largest and state-of-the-art production facilities and direct distribution networks in the region, with a team of farmers, packers, processors, and employees who pledge to consistently provide the highest quality products to consumers everywhere.

Did you know?

There is a nature and healthier option to the color and flavor additives typically used in potato chips?

What is the innovation?

Sunset yellow is the common name of a synthetic azo dye commonly used to color and flavor potato chips and crackers.

Daher Foods have replaced sunset yellow in their paprika and cheese lines of chips with natural products called paprika extract and Carmine (both of which produce red colors).

While they are more expensive that sunset yellow, Daher Foods believes it’s worth the extra cost.

What’s the story behind the innovation?

Consuming sunset yellow has been linked with hyperactivity among children and with cancer risk in the long term. It is known to have adverse reactions on the brain and on children’s attention span.

Motivated by its social responsibility and its dedication to provide only the healthiest and safest options for its young consumers, Daher Foods was searching for an alternative to sunset yellow that would retain the color minus the harmful effects.

Why is it important?

A large percentage of Daher Foods’ consumers are children and as such, replacing artificial sunset yellow with a natural product is not only healthier for them but also decreases their risk of hyperactivity.

This innovation also helps Daher Foods build trust with their consumers by committing to their children’s health by using natural products only.

Daher Foods is trying to be a role model for other companies by accepting the extra cost on themselves in order to benefit their consumers. Natural color can have the same color impact on the product. The consumer will enjoy the same product taste and color but without any of the negative side effects.

Who does it benefit?

Daher Foods benefits in reflecting an image of its commitment to natural products regardless of the cost. The consumer benefits from a more natural and ultimately healthier product.

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