FoodSight SAL

FoodSight is a digital consultancy services company that empowers agri-food businesses providing food safety, quality and regulatory compliance services.

FoodSight is a digital consultancy services company that empowers agri-food businesses providing food safety, quality and regulatory compliance services through access to top Lebanese and international professionals, to comply with local and international food safety and quality requirements.

FoodSight helps food businesses develop and grow, by assisting them in understanding, implementing and reaching the regulatory requirements, procedures and certifications.


FoodSight team is passionate about creating a solution that will disrupt the way food safety is tackled in the region, create business opportunities and have a strong social impact. They provide services for food manufacturers working in all sectors: dairy, meat & poultry, nuts & crackers, beverage, confectioneries & sweets, fruits & vegetables, seasoned & canned products, oil & fat, cereals & grains, ingredients, seafood… They also offer services to other food businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, central kitchens, catering, agriculture, farming and more.

Using the latest online technology tools, this one-stop-shop platform provides its clients with affordable consultancy project packages from one of the 200+ multinational experts part of their network, toolkit bundles of prerequisite templates and checklists, as well as access to an online library of regulatory documents, through a B2B Freemium model.

FoodSight is not a typical food consulting company, they onboard highly qualified food professionals through a selective process, and match the food business owners with the best suitable profile, saving them time, money and hustle. They also work with top service provider partners making sure the customer experience is ultimate to answer all the food business needs.


As two women in business, FoodSight founders are driven by their passion to make a difference and embrace the change: “We saw the gaps and the many challenges facing the Lebanese agri-food sector and, we wanted to support small food enterprises, promote food safety, share technologies and knowledge. based on our experience in the F&B industry and our social engagements. We had an idea in mind that could resolve some of these challenges, and this is how FoodSight was born.”

This innovative solution is currently supporting the agri-food sector by providing unique services and freelance diversified expertise while assisting food manufacturers in reaching, understanding and fulfilling the regulatory requirements, procedures and certifications. This dynamic, efficient, cost-effective, fully accessible work environment, online platform offers a one source for all regulatory documents and tailored consulting services, increasing job opportunities for industry experts who will join this platform as freelancers, creating by that a massive network of credible and trusted agri-food professionals.

FoodSight’s goals:

  • Helping agri-food businesses get ready to comply with any local or international regulation and by that increase their chances in outer markets,
  • Helping agri-food businesses reduce rejections and complaints by improving the quality of their food products and by that improving their market positioning, and
  • Allowing agri-food businesses to access an online platform that helps them increase productivity by reducing wasted time and effort.

FoodSight promises to keep connecting food businesses to the highest quality professionals and to help them get the best solutions when it comes to food safety, quality and regulatory compliance in a fast, easy and affordable way: “We aspire to become the leading platform in the MENA agri-food industry under the UN-SDG food security utilization pillar related to food safety & quality aiming to be part of enhancing the food safety culture, while opening freelance work opportunities for regional experts and food technology scientists”.