Grapeful boasts a line of all-natural sweet syrups and spreads in addition to an exclusive family of Grapeful Hummus Bars and Cereal Bars that provide deliciously healthy options in today’s faster paced life style.


Grape molasses is one of the oldest natural sweeteners in the Lebanese and Mediterranean outskirts, used extensively before the introduction of commercial sugar into our diet system.


In 2017, the team developed a new product, the all-natural grape syrup, based on the original technique of grape molasses production that has spanned across four generations of the Kadamani family. Grapeful’s natural grape syrup makes the best natural topping for pancakes and Lebanese desserts.
Two years later, they took Mediterranean ingredients like chickpeas, sesame, almonds, and cardamom, and combined them with their grape syrup and came up with the tastiest range of Mediterranean health and energy bars, in particular their novel product – The Hummus Bar.


Tradition is what binds generations and keeps memories of the past alive. In the foothills of Mount Hermon in the picturesque village of Rashaya, one tradition in particular has not only survived, but has served to enrich this community and its inhabitants. For centuries, Rashaya and the surrounding areas have been known for their successful grape growing industry. Rashaya is the home of the Kadamani family and the place where their great grandfather’s love for the vines and its offerings inspired him to produce this sweet creation, grape molasses. The recipe and devotion has bridged over four generations of the family.
Utilizing traditions passed down from their ancestors, today Grapeful has raised the bar, adding modern technology and applying advanced standards of food safety to continue producing the sweet molasses, grape syrup and energy bars.


With metabolic diseases on the rise, eating healthy is of major concern. When most foods contain sugar or glucose, their grape-syrup-based products provide healthy and delicious alternatives with added benefits. Grapeful products are rich in antioxidants and have a significantly lower glycemic index in comparison to commercial products. Most of the products are vegan and do not contain preservatives!


A major characteristic that has not changed with modernity is Grapeful’s sense of community, as one of the core values embodied by the family business. The Kadamani’s are proud to support more than 250 local growers whose grapes make their way to their plant each year. The use of locally grown grapes from growers who share their values not only helps the growers, but also assures that all grapes used in production are naturally grown and non-modified varieties. This sense of community awareness also expresses itself in many other ways throughout the summer with the creation of community activities and events which bring visitors to the area during the production season, supporting various local businesses in general.
Most importantly, Grapeful provides an alternative for mothers and health oriented individuals. Grapeful grape syrup, rich in antioxidants, preservative-free, and having a lower glycemic index than most natural syrups, is a tasty and healthy topping to pancakes and Lebanese desserts. Grapeful health and protein bars are guilt-free nutritious snacks perfect for school lunch boxes, work lunch breaks or at the gym.

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