House of Lilies

The House of Lilies is a Family Farm with a Sustainable Outlook. An agritourism project for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide wholesome farming products of outstanding quality. Their mission is to be a year-round local source for high quality food, plants and seeds grown at their farm using holistic principles that foster life supporting nourishing food and healthy environment.

House of Lilies grows indigenous and exotic crops while promoting healthy lifestyles, partnerships with the land, and strengthening the local economy. House of Lilies are natural water ponds experts growing a large collection of water lilies, aquatic plants and ornamental fish. The ponds are part of the farm’s sustainable virtuous cycle as these constitute havens of biodiversity, a source of water for bees and wildlife, and a place to fertilize their irrigation water.


House of Lilies produces a variety of Hydrosols. Their latest addition is the Lemongrass hydrosol that has a lively, bright, uplifting, refreshing lemony aroma. Besides its absolutely delicious mouth watering aroma, Lemongrass hydrosol is emotionally refreshing and acts as a digestive aid. Moreover, the Lemongrass Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial and Anti-fungal properties are of great use for farmers for pest control.


House of Lilies aims to enliven indigenous traditional crops alongside new exotic ones, producing ancient traditional preparations with a twist of innovation and creativity, using locally developed processes, practices a business modality that follows the natural rhythms of nature, while being holistic and life oriented.


House of Lilies’ strives for innovation fall within the global goal of sustainability. They want their farm to gradually become self sufficient by creating a life supporting virtuous cycle. As a long as a farm needs external additions to operate it lacks in resilience and cannot be sustainable. Achieving this goal requires a broad spectrum of actions that converge together over a long range of time. The use of renewable energy, rain water collection, recycling of wastes in the farm, growth of indigenous crops, inter-copping, companion planting, water and energy saving measures, raising of animals, producing our own seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, are all single initiatives that need to be elaborated, refined and harmonized to raise the challenge of producing diversified wholesome food for society in a sustainable way.


Each innovation is a candle on the pathway of bringing the light in. When they started their journey, they faced skepticism and finding innovative sustainable solutions has been much easier than changing the mindset of people in the sector. This is precisely why they must keep on innovating because year after year all the pieces of the sustainable virtuous cycle come together and people will realize the importance of creating eco-friendly farms that are fit for purpose … to feed people with wholesome food that is produced locally.


House of Lilies guests community is getting good food and a genuine experience at their farms. When more and more people will see the benefit of their offerings, consumers will lead a shift in the market towards wholesome products.



South Lebanon, Lebanon