Hum’N Go

Hum’N Go is a healthy Grab & Go packaged food formed of two compartments, Hummus spread in the first, and dippable bread sticks in the second.


You can enjoy humus while walking on the corniche, watching a movie in the cinema or driving your car without making any mess?


Hum’N Go transformed a traditional plate, humus, into a healthy grab n go snack. Capitalizing on the trends of grab n go and healthy snacking, the product cup includes brown breadsticks on one side and humus in different flavors on the other side. Hum’N Go currently comes in two flavors: the original and humus with pomegranate molasses – the latter of which is proving to be a big success in the market. Two flavors are currently under development.

Hum’N Go was able to increase the shelf life of humus from the standard 20 days to eight months while remaining within EU standards (using temperature and pressure instead of preservatives) which is a major asset for the export market.


The founders of Hum’ N Go originally started their business with a catering line called Mummy Made six years ago (which they later rebranded into M Social Catering). Because of this business, one of the founders, Samer, was attending a seminar in Italy for social entrepreneurs and was asked to present one product which includes an innovation. So he made kaak boats with humus.

The response from the attendees was very positive and this gave Samer the idea to build on humus’s success with a model that can be scalable.


Humus is known to be a healthy food.

There is a significant growth in the global humus market. It is becoming a worldwide trend with humus popping up in hundreds of restaurant menu and on supermarket shelves across the globe. The grab n go market is growing more than 20 percent year on year. This is because in today’s fast paced world, people don’t have time to sit down and eat anymore and prefer to grab their food on the go.

For all these reasons, Hum’N Go identified a market opportunity for grab and go humus and worked on realizing that.


The founders of Hum’N Go have a separate organization called ProAbled specialized in training and finding jobs for people with physical disabilities and people with acute financial challenges. The majority of profits that the founders will be generating from Hum’N Go are going to be used to support ProAbled. Some of the employees of Hum’N Go are people with physical disabilities.

The consumer benefits from having local and beloved healthy snack products.

HumN’ Go Healthy Snacks


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