j.Grove (“Jezzine Grove”, or “بستان جزين”) works hand in hand with local farmers and producers to offer natural quality products from Jezzine and Zahrani in Southern Lebanon.

j.Grove products combine traditional know-how with state-of-the-art techniques following international health and quality standards, to give consumers the best of the region’s heritage while empowering the local community. The brand’s products contain no additives or preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors. Just their simple selves, as pure and nutritious as they’re naturally supposed to be.

j.Grove is part of JAZ (Jezzine and Zahrani Development Company), a company that strives to develop the region’s rural, agricultural and social sectors, re-establish its agricultural heritage, and spread expertise.


Every olive grove has its own altitude, soil, and “micro-climate” which means the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) that comes from it will have distinct characteristics, such as smell, taste, bitterness, and finish. As j.Grove’s olive oil partners grew, the brand developed a new concept for Lebanese EVOO: “From the Olive Grove” (“من البستان”).

Showcasing the name of the grove, the olive variety, and the harvest year on every j.Grove EVOO bottle, “From the Olive Grove” celebrates the rich palette of flavors and aromas Lebanese EVOO has to offer. Growing from 4 groves in 2019 to 7 in 2020, this approach allows the brand to promote every olive oil producer and partner, and honor the grove they have taken the time to care for.


j.Grove works to showcase and continuously improve the quality of the region’s products through a “social enterprise” approach to its business. The brand purchases its raw materials at prices that benefit producers, while keeping strict quality requirements, specifications, and support across the full value chain: pre-harvest, harvest, processing, packaging, branding, and distribution.

j.Grove’s rural development initiatives include:

  • Training and technical assistance to increase producers’ yield and improve their harvesting and production practices.
  • Financial support and assistance in seeking funding from international institutions to eligible farmers, producers, and local municipalities.
  • Increased economic opportunities by filling the gaps in the value chain and increasing the amount of cultivated land, with a focus on high-potential crops and agribusiness initiatives.
  • Partnerships with experts to improve pine forest conservation and land management, leading to sustainable forestry and agricultural practices.


Southern Lebanon has been marked by decades of war and occupation. During that time, scores of inhabitants were forced to flee the region and leave their lands and legacy behind. Some landowners never returned since, and many of those who did were compelled, under the ensuing economic hardships, to sell off their properties or neglect them altogether.


From improving farming economics to increasing quality, yield, and production standards, JAZ and j.Grove have been focusing on empowering farmers and producers – partnering with over 100 local producers to date. This “social enterprise” model has allowed to not only increase the visibility, value, potential, and impact of agriculture within the local community, but also acquire recognition at local and international levels.  


A variety of stakeholder stand to benefit from j.Grove’s efforts:

  • Farmers, producers, and the local community
  • Our land and future generations
  • Consumers in Lebanon and abroad looking for honest, natural, high-standard Lebanese products they can be proud of