Rooted in the heritage and tradition of the villages of mount Lebanon, and inspired by the clean raw material grown in the mountains and prepared by villagers, L’arôme produce a wide range of high-quality preservative-free vegan cookies and crackers made from natural ingredients.


When L’arôme started in 2008, grape molasses was not known in a lot of markets. Maple syrup and carob molasses were more common. So, with their variety of cookies sweetened with grape molasses, they introduced this traditional Lebanese natural sweetener to several markets that now enjoy its taste.

L’arôme are ISO 22000-2018 certified since 2019 and are currently serving local and international markets with a wide variety of vegan cookies and crackers.


L’arôme’s cookies and crackers are preservative-free, made of natural ingredients only, with no white or brown sugar, are highly nutritious, and at the same time extremely tasty. They offer a variety of products that cater to various tastes and dietary needs: vegan, sugar free, gluten free, keto, etc.


It all started in an ordinary kitchen of a typical Lebanese house, up on the mountainside in 2008.  When Fadi, the founder, was diagnosed with diabetes, he struggled to find sweets that are safe for diabetics. He was also faced with many misconceptions regarding diabetic friendly snacks. Driven by this condition, and his passion for baking, Fadi began a self-education journey to spread awareness about, and bake, diabetic friendly snacks. He started experimenting as well with traditional Lebanese sweets to maintain the great taste and push the ingredients to a healthier level. He started baking in his small kitchen, and soon the cookies and crackers became very popular in the area. With the growing demand, the production and variety increased, the small kitchen became a factory, and their brand L’arôme was born to continue with their homemade sweets and pastries at a larger capacity.


The food basket of the Lebanese consumer changed a lot during the economic crisis that Lebanon is facing and several international brands are no longer found in the market while others became unaffordable. It has become harder to purchase high quality snacks that contain no sugar, provide a good nutritious value, and at the same time are at an affordable price. L’arôme’s products fill this gap and provide health conscious individuals with great taste, quality, nutritious value, and price.


L’arôme bring together several stakeholders who contribute to, as well as benefit from, their success. From the health-conscious customers and gourmet lovers who enjoy their products, to the farmers and women who produce the raw material they use, to their employees who became their family and to the NGOs they donate their recyclables to.

L’arôme is about adding value for everyone.

Deirkoushi, Al Shouf, Mount Lebanon