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Little Melly serves babies from the ages of 6 months to 6 years, including babies in vulnerable communities, with organic-first food essentials including oat cereal, healthy kids snacks and freshly-cooked main meals. Available both via subscriptions and through different points of sale such as pharmacies and organic stores, Little Melly was never about simply selling a product or service. Instead, with our team of specialists, ranging Pediatricians from Nutritionists, we offer personalized support to parents throughout their feeding journey through nutrition consultations. Little Melly’s mission is also to engage and empower women, thus creating a positive value chain that generates sustainable social, economic, and environmental impact within the society.

Little Melly stands as a beacon of innovation within the baby food industry, driven by a mission to provide fresh and healthy food options for busy parents. With a remarkable commitment to social responsibility, Little Melly employs a workforce comprised of over 75% women, supporting both elderly women and mothers. Additionally, their charitable efforts have led to the donation of close to 10,000 meals to babies in need across Lebanon.


A Catering Model for Fresh and Nutritious Baby Food Little Melly’s innovative approach centers around a catering business model that caters specifically to babies, offering them fresh and nutritious food. Their baby food jars boast an impressive 10-day refrigerated shelf-life without the need for heat treatments or additives, ensuring that babies receive the best possible nourishment.

The Story Behind the Innovation

The inspiration for Little Melly came when the founder’s daughter, Melanie, turned 6 months old and it was time to introduce solid foods. Realizing the lack of fresh and healthy options for busy parents who couldn’t find time to cook, the founder started Little Melly as a solution to this common challenge. The business not only helped her as a mother but also provided a valuable service to other mothers in Lebanon facing the same dilemma.

Importance of the Innovation

Little Melly recognizes the profound impact nutrition has on early brain development and overall well-being. With 80% of the brain developed by age 3, providing babies with high-quality food is crucial for their sustainable growth and future success. As modern lifestyles become increasingly hectic, the demand for healthy baby food options continues to rise. Little Melly’s dedication to filling this void ensures that parents have access to convenient, nutritious, and natural baby food choices.

Beneficiaries and Community Impact

Little Melly’s innovative solutions positively impact various stakeholders, fostering social, environmental, and economic growth within the community:

  1. Babies and Parents: By providing wholesome and nourishing food options, Little Melly supports babies’ health and empowers parents to make informed food decisions for their children.
  2. Babies in Vulnerable Communities: Little Melly actively donates hundreds of meals each month to NGOs serving babies in need, contributing to Sustainable Development Goals 2 (Zero Hunger) and 10 (Reduced Inequalities).
  3. Organic Farmers: Emphasizing sustainable farming practices, Little Melly supports organic farmers, encouraging their business sustainability and contributing to Sustainable Development Goals 13 (Climate Action) and 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth).
  4. Working Mothers: Little Melly’s impact extends to working mothers, particularly through their employment of elderly women who might otherwise be inactive. By fostering a supportive and flexible work environment, Little Melly empowers mothers to balance their careers and family life, aligning with Sustainable Development Goals 5 (Gender Equality) and 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth).

Little Melly’s commitment to nurturing babies and empowering communities shines through their innovative catering model for fresh and nutritious baby food. With a focus on supporting women, aiding vulnerable communities, and promoting sustainable practices, Little Melly’s efforts encompass a holistic and positive impact. By providing parents with convenient and healthy food options for their little ones, Little Melly paves the way for a healthier and brighter future for babies and their families.




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