Nature by Marc Beyrouthy

Nature by Marc Beyrouthy was created to be a trustworthy partner for Green Choices. It is an all in one Eco-friendly leading retailer of sustainable products and services meeting high ethical standards in all areas related to agriculture, biodiversity, ecology and the environment.

Nature by Marc Beyrouthy was created to be a trustworthy partner for Green Choices. It is an all in one eco-friendly leading retailer of sustainable products and services meeting high ethical standards in all areas related to agriculture, biodiversity, ecology and the environment, with a mission to educate and inspire people to become personally involved and passionately committed to changing the world through products with purpose. Nature by Marc Beyrouthy is also empowering women and rural population and increasing their participation in economic growth.


This concept store offers products with a positive impact on Mother Nature: “Our ultimate mission is to help our clients to make choices that preserve, restore and promote a green lifestyle. Each purchase is the buyer’s own contribution to make the world a better place” shares Marc Beyrouthy founder of Nature.

Why was it called Nature? Because it is simply, powered by NATURE. Located in Kaslik, Nature is an accessible gleaming shop combining the best variety of ecological products and services, to beautifully green people’s lives.

  • Their Goal: To help their clients to make choices that preserve, restore and promote the green lifestyle.
  • Their Commitment: To a healthy and conscious lifestyle. they are a platform through which sustainability is transformed from a movement into practical features.

As all in one eco-concept, Nature sells plants, terroir products, essential oils, deco items as well as services. The passion they show in their work and the close ties they keep with their clients are key factors that add a plus to the service provided by the company in addition to the trust people have in our products.

Nature is also conducting online sessions on social media and YouTube to share their knowledge with their audience as a learning oriented company .

They keep it professional with the answers provided and the advices they share with their clients from the beginning of the order to its accomplishment, yet they welcome clients for a free consultation which they provide with a passionate attitude to fulfill their mission of the green living.

In addition, the studies they conduct are of high scientific level while keeping it clear, structured, and comprehensible to the client allowing them to compete with international companies with high standards of specifications.

All the employees of Nature by Marc Beyrouthy are agricultural engineers or students tutored by the Chairman, who is also a professor and previously the head of the department of agricultural sciences department at USEK.


Nature has for ultimate goal to work on changing the mentality of how people relate to nature specifically the new generation to contribute in making Lebanon having healthier forests, greener cities and eco-friendly households. They are working on this goal through intensive workshops, TV appearances, fairs, seminars to schools among others. The fairs are a perfect way to help women and farmers in rural areas to get in direct contact with the customers.

They have also created a zero waste platform specialized in delivering home natural produce.

Being part of the UN Global Compact’s, Nature is working on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through responsible business and investment. which they successfully implemented in strengthening and enabling the environment for ethical business.

Nature’s wish is to make their own school or institution for people of all ages to raise awareness and educate them. They aim to be the leader in the market for all products and services related to green and eco-friendly lifestyle. Nature by Marc Beyrouthy will be the reference where people with green minds can find all what they need, working on providing even more innovative products to their customers and give them all services to be able to actually live this eco-friendly way.


Marc Beyrouthy, the chairman, comes from a family of farmers and landscapers for generations: farmer and landscaper grandfather, nurseryman father, grandmother and mother fans of agriculture and nature, florists and landscapers uncles, agronomist wife, and architect landscaper brother.

He is also anchor of a TV show “Nature” on MTV Lebanon aiming to give awareness about Nature, plants, animal, the environment, etc. Regular episodes tackle challenging issues such as the climate change, desertification and the irrational urbanism in Lebanon, making Nature a window into sustainable development, environmental best practices, biodiversity protection and ecosystems protection, etc.

Marc Beyrouthy’s work allow him to meet local artisans on a daily basis, to expand his knowledge and enhance his ability in identifying the best products (plants, flowers, local products, tea, etc.).

The concept of Nature by Marc Beyrouthy, came up from two questions people frequently asked: ‘Where can we find a particular product related to green living?’ and ‘How to identify genuine trustworthy goods?’. This is how the idea of ” Nature ” came to life to offer in one place, genuine products for eco-customers wanting to make responsible choices and helping them preserve, restore and promote a green lifestyle.

Determined to change the way people live and how they connect with the planet, Marc Beyrouthy created Nature.


The  company has cultivated strong customer loyalty providing a competitive advantage. They are facing actually the economic crisis where green living tends to be a commodity not a way of life like it should be. They continue to offer value-added services to transform shopping into a comprehensive, enjoyable experience by providing added services with an augmented reality feature to give consumers a virtual preview of their garden, allowing clients to make faster convinced choices at affordable cost.

It is no secret that customer service is key in sustaining business growth, technological advancements in customer service, such as improved use of digital channels, are leading to heightened consumer expectations and higher standards for retailers. Nature focuses on the happiness and well-being of their customers, committing to reach customers from the comfort of their homes where they can chose their veggies and all their products online through the platform.

The company is continuously leading on pragmatic innovation to remain in the business while retaining their valued customers, acquire new ones and keeping an eye on the issues of social and natural environment.

Nature is working hard to build brand equity and emotional connections with their customers to sustain the relationships with them which links the customers to their products which gives their clients a reason to favor Nature to their competition. They created compelling content for social media sites to start generating awareness among target customer bases while connecting daily with their public, informing them of the new trends and events to create an emotional attachment while inspiring people and motivate them to act towards the environment, recycle and act in changing their shopping behavior.

In addition, and through Research and Development, Nature has developed and enhanced many products working hand in hand with NGOs, women association, village women, and researchers from many universities. With technology and science, they have accomplished higher level of final terroir products which are promoted in their showroom in Kaslik and through social media.


Nature by Marc Beyrouthy focuses on the social, environmental, and economical aspects of each of their products. They also try to have a positive impact on the community by working with NGO’s, women association, small artists, etc.  They refuse to use chemical pesticides or any other potentially harmful product without checking its usage, hazardous substances, waste and emissions.

Their  business impact socially by empowering women and farmers in rural areas through their line of Mouneh, veggies, plants and flowers products, strongly believing in their participation to the economic growth of Lebanon- that’s why 90 % from their food products come from local communities and cooperatives (all supervised by NGO’s).

They also believe in nurturing and supporting the small Lebanese artists with which they work. They offer them a space to expose their art and products with no rental fees. They chose to support all nature related initiatives.




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