NIMAN disrupts, innovates, produces and distributes Lebanese sauces and condiments. Under the brand MEZZMIX, NIMAN launched several products such as hummus, flavored hummus, regular garlic dip. In addition, they also developed a garlic dip that is egg-free, dairy-free, mayonnaise-free, has a shelf life of a year, is stored outside the fridge, and packed in a squeezable bottle. MEZZMIX garlic dip comes in different flavors and is gentler on the stomach. 


MEZZMIX  want to revolutionize the Lebanese sauces and condiments. By creating superior quality products, EU and GCC standards compliant products, they are opening doors to democratize the Lebanese sauces and condiments.   


Niman innovation revolves around 3 axes:

1- Creating a vertical around garlic, by creating innovative products derived from the garlic itself.

2- Creating products like Fattoush dressing, tabbouleh dressing, chili sauce, taratour.

3- Creating processes that preserve the taste and the quality of the food.

Their most recent innovation is the Garlic Dip in a squeezable bottle, with 1 year shelf-life that can be stored outside the fridge. With egg-free, mayonnaise-free and dairy free our product is gentler on the stomach and comes in different flavors.


Lebanese can’t find garlic dip when they want, they need go buy it at the stores before having it with their meal. Thus, Niman thought of an innovative process to make garlic dip accessible and present at all time, with a long shelf-life. The garlic dip, once opened, can be reused, for many times, allowing the consumers to store the bottle and have it later on, with anything like sandwiches, salad, pasta… But the most important innovation is the fact that the garlic dip is free of eggs.


Niman were the first to produce an exportable garlic dip, industrialized with international standards. They are producing the garlic dip without white eggs, and other food additives, offering different flavors, while being gentle on the stomach and can be stored outside the fridge. With this innovation, they will be able to reach all Lebanese diasporas. Niman will be able to get them a sense and taste of Lebanon wherever they are.


The farmers in Lebanon are benefitting from Niman’s innovation. Since their early starts, Niman has been purchasing Lebanese Garlic directly from the farmer rather than the vegetables markets, paying and benifitting directly the farmers without a middle-man. This way Niman is incentivizing the Lebanese Farmer to grow garlic.

Roumieh, industrial city