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The Quinta Group

Robinson Agri Leading producer of greenhouses, PE pipes grafted vegetables plants and organic certified seedlings. We provide turnkey agricultural and irrigation projects and other services in Lebanon and abroad since 1969.

Sowing Success: The Quinta Group Legacy

For over five decades, Quinta Group has been at the forefront of agricultural innovation. This is not merely a company; it’s a legacy etched in the soil of sustainable agriculture. Quinta Group specializes in producing greenhouses, PE pipes, grafted vegetable plants, and organic certified seedlings. Their journey is one of growth, nurturing, and transformation, not just in Lebanon but across international horizons.

Nurturing the Roots of Agriculture: A Quinta Group Origin

Since 1969, Quinta Group has been dedicated to redefining the possibilities of agriculture. Their name has become synonymous with expertise in greenhouse solutions, the production of PE pipes, grafting vegetable plants, and organic seedlings. Their commitment to innovation and quality has not wavered over the years.

Greenhouses that Breathe Life: Quinta’s Agricultural Ecosystems

Quinta Group doesn’t just build greenhouses; they cultivate ecosystems of growth. Their greenhouses are more than structures; they’re the cradle of sustainable agriculture. By merging tradition with cutting-edge technology, Quinta Group empowers farmers to harness the full potential of their land.

Flowing Innovation: The PE Pipes Expertise

PE pipes are the lifelines of modern agriculture, and Quinta Group is the virtuoso of this domain. Their PE pipes are not just conduits; they are channels of progress. These pipes form the vascular system of sustainable farming, delivering vital resources while minimizing waste.

Grafting Growth: The Science of Vegetable Plants

Grafted vegetable plants are a testament to nature’s adaptability, and Quinta Group has mastered this science. Their expertise in grafting isn’t merely about merging two plant varieties; it’s about harmonizing growth. Quinta Group provides farmers with resilient plants that stand up to the challenges of changing climates and diseases.

Seeds of Tomorrow: Organic Certified Seedlings

Quinta Group’s commitment to organic farming transcends the mere act of sowing seeds. Their organic certified seedlings are the embodiment of purity and sustainability. By providing these seedlings, they are sowing the seeds of a greener future, one harvest at a time.

Fertile Imagination, Global Impact: Quinta’s Reach Beyond Borders

Leaving an indelible mark on Lebanon and beyond, Quinta Group doesn’t just serve local needs; they impact global agriculture. Their turnkey agricultural and irrigation projects have set new standards of excellence, and their reach extends far beyond borders.

Cultivating Tomorrow: Quinta’s Vision

The vision of Quinta Group isn’t confined to today’s harvest. It’s about cultivating a sustainable tomorrow, ensuring that the bounty of the land continues to nourish generations. Quinta Group, as the name suggests, is the ‘fifth season’ of agriculture, a season of growth, innovation, and evergreen sustainability.

Quinta Group isn’t just a company; it’s a testament to the possibilities of agricultural excellence. It’s a narrative that continues to unfold, where every seed they plant is a promise to the future.




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