Raw Bites

Raw Bites is a young Lebanese company dedicated to enhance the lifestyle of the new generation with healthy, nutritious and yummy snacks produced from all natural ingredients; creating tasty, good-for-you nibbles snacks while doing their best to help the community and spread some happiness along the way.


Raw Bites is a new protein puffs launched in December 2018. Their Philosophy has been always to create nutritious munchies free from all of kind’s preservatives, artificial sweeteners, processed sugars, coloring, E food additives and preservatives.

Raw Bites is the only protein puff in the region made in Lebanon. They are  ISO certified, FDA approved and also selected Product of the Year – Gulf 2021 in the FMCG sector. They also received a certificate of Non-GMO Project Verified Products. This professional certification and the Non-GMO Project Verified mark assures consumers that the product bearing the label has been evaluated for compliance with the Non-GMO Standard. So, not only their Corn Grits ingredient is Non GMO, but also “Non GMO Project Verified”.


Their first creation protein puffs are simply produced from five wholefood ingredients: corn, milk protein, peanuts, sunflower oil & sea salt. The corn is air popped, the peanuts are crushed, and the sunflower oil is sprayed cold on the puffs, leading to a delicious, healthy and nutritious snack that can be safely consumed by all the members of the family “on the go” or as a meal replacement.

The company believes that eating clean, natural, free from preservatives and additives is much more important than getting our bodies exposed to artificial ingredients with long term side effects to have some short term gains like less calories and more protein.


The Health Setback of their Partner Mr. ‘Shareef Al Bazzaz.

Raw Bites project started when Mr. Shareef Bazzaz, Production Director at Bazco Group, got diagnosed with cancer, having to change his lifestyle completely as well as his eating habits. Eventually, besides medication, Shareef managed to get rid of the illness by strictly sticking to all natural food, free from all kinds of preservatives, artificial flavoring and colorings. Since then, he had decided to dedicate all his expertise to design a natural healthy snack to be consumed by everyone.


Raw Bites aim is to enlighten people of the greatness and importance of wholefood alternatives to processed “packed” food. To achieve this, their present and future goodies will always be made with five to six natural ingredients only. Raw Bites wants to raise awareness to their consumers to pick and choose the healthier and tastier snacks.


A Real Food healthy snack is to be consumed by everyone.

Mar Elias (office) – Jiyeh (factory)