RiginO is a real-time traceability platform allowing brand owners to log the traceability events along the entire supply chain. The RiginO platform facilitates regulatory compliance, supplier management, incident reporting and recall management. It is democratizing access to leading-edge technology, reducing operating costs, optimizing resources and reducing economic and reputational risks for food businesses.


RiginO traceability system allows full visibility and transparency into the supply chain. It enables fast trace back and investigation of an issue and mitigates the impact of food issues by taking the right actions at the right time within a country and beyond boundaries. The MENA region has just started to enforce regulations for food safety where traceability data is one of the main drivers.


RiginO platform offers simple onboarding for brand owners/food manufacturers, a localization not only regarding language but also addressing local culture and regulations of the countries in the MENA region while using a trusted technology, including Blockchain, to ensure transparency and trust with data immutability and GS1 standards to allow data interoperability among trading partners.


As the global population increases, pressure intensifies to produce more food. Globalization of our food chains has not only added complexity and opacity but also unpredictability of events such as natural or man-made disasters, resulting in food security and food safety concerns for consumers. While food manufacturers focus on producing more and trading more to generate satisfy demand and increase revenues, consumers are demanding more details about their food every day. On the other hand, industry and regulators want to apply more private standards and regulatory controls on the food supply chain, adding to the costs for certification and compliance auditing. RiginO supports the agro-food sector by focusing on the usage of technology to create transparency and share data and information across the supply chain.


RiginO traceability solution provides brand owners/manufacturers the ability to manage their suppliers, generate reports and improve processes across the supply chain, quickly recall products, and trace back and track forward the product, thus allowing full visibility and transparency into the supply chain since people are becoming more conscious about the products they consume. When it comes to food, with all the contaminations cases across the world, consumers want to know where ingredients come from, if they’re organic and non-GMO, or if they’re ethically sourced, etc.


The main beneficiaries are the brand owners who will be able to provide full transparency on their product details. In turn, this will improve their image and brand perception, it will also allow them to export to regulated countries where traceability data is mandatory to allow any product to access the market. RiginO helps the food industry to meet the increasing demands of the savvy consumers who want to know more about the products they purchase.

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