Since 2008, TEKNOLOGIX has provided customers in Lebanon and the Middle East with well-developed concepts and implementations for turn-key smart automation solutions. The wide experience with existing technologies and quick acquisition of brand-new tools make it possible for TEKNOLOGIX to repeatedly gain decisive benefits for market leaders in various industry sectors.


Food and Beverage processing machinery can themselves generate reports on their status, diminishing top management’s reliance on manual data entry (which may be biased or inaccurate) to drive decisions on cost cutting, for example?


Teknologix has developed a software solution applied on food and beverage processing machinery (since this is the most prevalent industry in Lebanon) which automates the generation of machinery related data reports. Teknologix’s software solution programs the machinery in a way that they process the raw data stored within them into useful reports which can be analyzed by the business owners.


Teknologix was originally established in 2008 as an automation solution provider which specialized in overhauling factory machineries and updating their systems. This line of work allowed them to become familiar with many F&B factories in Lebanon where they noticed a lack of transparency between top floor (management) and shop floor (factory part) when it comes to manually generated reports.

Teknologix then identified a need for a standard and automated solution that would facilitate the workflow for business owners and decision makers and ensure that they have transparent reports from the fields.


The Food and Beverage processing industry in Lebanon has become very competitive and profit margins in it have become very tight. Traditionally, when faced with such a situation, and because they were unable to accurately identify more efficient solutions, top management would reduce the number of their employees or compromise on the quality of their products. With Teknologix’s software solution, these business owners now have a competitive edge in that they can pinpoint areas of loss within their production process and work towards minimizing it. Time was identified as the biggest loss contributing factor and as such the software helps management with time loss reduction by identifying malfunctioning or inefficient machinery which are consuming extra time.

This innovation also contributes to the reduction of energy consumption in factories through its water consumption reports which allow for pinpointing water waste and fixing it thereby reducing cost and also positively impacting the environment.


The key benefit is for the manufacturer who is getting unbiased reports. Through these unbiased reports he or she can carry out a root cause analysis and identify the cause of the company’s loss which in turn allows him or her to properly distribute resources and optimize them.

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