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The Net Group started in 1994 as an express courier company and has grown into a regional group, specializing in global express courier deliveries.

The Net Group started in 1994 as an express courier company and has grown into a regional group, specializing in global express courier deliveries. They offer solutions covering the entire value chain of businesses in various industries and sectors in the MENA region, specializing in air, sea, and ground freight-forwarding first-mile to last-mile delivery solutions for domestic and international e-commerce businesses and other logistics services such as warehousing.


With over 25 years of local and global experience, The Net Groups’ regional network covers more than 190 countries worldwide, providing trusted, and reliable solutions.

Whether their clients are individuals, online stores, or large organizations, The Net Group delivers expert logistics solutions that are perfect for their business, providing them with:

  • e-Commerce Fulfillment.
  • Last-Mile Delivery.
  • International e-Commerce.
  • Reverse Logistics.


With the regional and worldwide surge of e-commerce and accelerated digital transformation, The Net Group capitalized on e-commerce by scaling up their operations to serve this high demand locally and internationally, and cater to small as well as large businesses across Lebanon, helping local brands ship their merchandise abroad. They wanted as well to assist Lebanese producers in the agri-food industry and businesses across other sectors, enter new markets, and boost their exports.

In addition, as part of their strategy to connect several markets, The Net Group have opened e-Commerce Fulfilment Centers in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Europe, and the USA to fulfill the needs of these respective marketplaces and connect them to the world. This means that their clients’ businesses can grow and ship internationally.

Through these centers, they are able to support e-Commerce, B2C, and B2B clients across a diverse range of industries, more specifically Agri-Food, by offering them multi-channel integrated fulfillment solutions, including:

  • Storing, packing, and dispatching goods in a timely manner and shipping them to their end consumers, retailers, and/or wholesalers all over the world.
  • Managing inventories, handling returns and claim management as well as export documentation while conforming to export guidelines and logistics services.

The Net Groups’ fulfillment and warehouse management integrated technology solutions will provide their customers with efficient and cost-effective order fulfillment, resulting in faster delivery and better experience.

On the other hand, they can facilitate the export of their clients’ products to new markets, ensuring compliance with international export standards and providing them with the necessary logistical support needed for each market.

The Net Group focus on customer satisfaction and long-term relationship with their clients, providing them with reliable solutions at every touchpoint.

Their customer-centric philosophy has enabled them to provide their clients with customized services and comprehensive solutions, offering them a unique customer experience. Thanks to their fully integrated systems and use of industry best practices, The Net Group have helped their clients grow their businesses, achieve operational efficiency, and save time and money.