Zakka Technologies

Zakka Technologies provides filling, packaging & processing equipment and solutions as well as expert technical service to the Lebanese and regional industrial markets.


There are filling machines that don’t use any electricity or air?


Zakka Technologies provides alternative solutions for industrial needs. They pride themselves on their flexibility with their customers, providing them with numerous options and solutions, as well as their fast response.

For example, Zakka Technologies has a new generation of industrial printers (used to label expiry and production dates on packages) which uses HP technology with cartridges. This means that unlike conventional industrial printers, it uses much less consumables like inks or solvents, requires little to no service or maintenance and is more compact.

Another example is a filling machine that requires no electricity and no compressed air. It is semi-automated and thus ideal for medium size operations.

Zakka technologies also provides top quality fully automated filling, capping and labeling lines as well as packaging machines for various application, powder and viscous product filling machines all of which make use of the latest technologies and energy conservation developments.


Zakka Technologies offers modern machinery with an outstanding quality-price ratio, while their running cost is much lower than conventional ones so the customer is ultimately saving money.

For each application, Zakka Technologies has the knowhow and network of suppliers and technical team to provide their customers with the solutions for their specific application. This is a big advantage over customers purchasing their own machinery since the negotiation with suppliers, the installation and the after service is part of Zakka Technologies’ domain.

Purchasing industrial machines from Zakka Technologies versus independently is also more time efficient for customers since they don’t have to go through the process of identifying the best machine for their needs by themselves.


Customers are getting modern machines that have a low running cost.

Zakka Technologies machines have environmentally friendly features such as the printer that uses less consumables or the filling machine that runs without electricity thus conserving energy.

Breytech Mar Roukoz, USJ Campus

Dekwaneh, Beirut

+961 4 533 040