The Good Thymes

The Good Thymes is a Lebanese agricultural startup that brings a fresh breath to traditional Lebanese savors through modern and inspired culinary creations, all based around the unequalled wild Lebanese thyme. TGT embarked on an expedition with the best chefs and specialists in Beirut, to create the finest dried herbs mixes, seasoning spices and other Zaatar-based products. It has been established as a “Fair Trade” business; our ingredients are all natural, free from artificial colors or flavors. We handcraft our products without any additives or preservatives.


The classic mix is the number one bestseller within The Good Thymes portfolio despite it being the most traditional among the brand’s ten zaatar mixes?


The Good Thymes took zaatar, the ingredient that every Lebanese knows and loves, and developed a brand and a story around it. Moving beyond this, The Good Thymes developed ten mixes of zaatar, including spicy zaatar, fruity zaatar or zaatar with keshk. As such, it transformed zaatar into a unique product.

The Good Thymes has also developed an herbal infusion based on zaatar.


The founder of The Good Thymes, Fady Aziz, wanted to get away from the daily routine and was looking to reconnect with nature and his hometown of Kfar Houneh, in South Lebanon. He decided to revive an abandoned land he had always loved in Kfar Houneh to develop a project on but didn’t have an idea what to do there yet.

The idea of planting zaatar on that land came to him when he was preparing a zaatar sandwich for his daughter who adores zaatar and realized how much this mix was a part of his family’s daily routine.


Although Zaatar is the smell of Lebanon and is heavily associated with home among almost all Lebanese, no matter where they live, it was not given its proper value. While there are several well-presented brands of Lebanese sweets or nuts-which travelers can easily take with them aboard- this was not the case for zaatar.

As such, Fady used his skills in design and marketing to transform the humble zaatar into something Lebanese can be proud of and which can achieve universal success.

Today, The Good Thymes is getting requests from all over the world which is an indicator that it is a successful brand.


End users are enjoying a high quality zaatar and sumac mix.

The Good Thymes is also providing the relatively younger and more daring generation- those below 50 years old- with new expressions of the beloved zaatar mix with the superfoodie  mix being the second best seller.

Kfar Hoûné

Jezzine, South Lebanon

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