May 31, 2024

QOOT Cluster at HORECA 2024: Proof of Business Development through Collaboration and Innovation.

During HORECA 2024, QOOT cluster had an active presence throughout a set of activities, hosting 23 of its distinguished members in its space. Each brand brought unique flavors and innovative products to the forefront, creating a dynamic and engaging showcase.

The participants include Nutshell, Al Mawsam, La Société Libanaise des Boissons Spiritueuses, Beyond Thymes, Eshmoon, WATA Cider, Gutdolli, M P’TITS FRUITS, SOLER’S, Del Libano, GoBaladi, Dry & Raw, Bites of Delight, Natura Spoon, Bustan el Zeitoun, Olive Trade, Delta Group, Irma & Co, The Three Brothers, Tony’s Food, Said Saifan, Crumble, and ATYAB Zeit Boulos.

These cluster members showcased an array of products, including conserved foods, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages, herbs and spices, healthy snacks and confectioneries, dairy products, baby food, award-winning olive oils, and frozen foods.

Innovative and Sustainable Booth

One of the standout features of the booth this year was its sustainable concept. Created in collaboration with Gemayel Freres, a leading packaging manufacturer in Lebanon and an esteemed cluster member, the booth was constructed using corrugated cartons issued from upcycled cartons and destined to be recycled by the end of the exhibition. This concept was adapted as a gesture of environmental consciousness of the cluster, in view of all the unstainable practices occurring in the exhibitions.

Innovation did not only relate to the design of the booth, but also to the overall budget efficiency. By unifying the operations, providing shared spaces, joining marketing efforts and implying cost-sharing approaches, reduced participation fees resulted on the exhibitors while achieving their utmost goals in the event. The booth not only attracted visitors but also fostered a welcoming and collaborative environment for the participating exhibitors. The booth’s appeal was so strong that many exhibitors expressed a desire to retain it post-event, highlighting their appreciation for the effort and creativity involved.

Engaging Activities and Networking Opportunities

QOOT Cluster’s participation was marked by a series of engaging activities designed to maximize the visibility of the cluster members and foster business opportunities:

  1. Collaborative Showcases and Product Launches: none-exhibiting QOOT cluster members had the opportunity to present collaborative products, while others introduced new products. This inclusive approach ensured that all members, regardless of their exhibition status, could benefit from the event’s exposure and opportunities.
  2. B2B Meetings and International Outreach: beyond the exhibition, QOOT cluster was delighted to join efforts with the Association of Lebanese Industrialists and Hospitality Services, to organize the Hosted Buyers lounge, bringing more than 20 International buyers from several markets such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Qatar, Kuwait and Iraq. More than 40 QOOT cluster members participated in more 160 B2B meetings, holding significant potential for international exports, opening new markets and expanding business horizons.

Collaboration between Gutdolli and Ayadina in the presence of H.E. Hans Peter Van Der Woude, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Lebanon

Hosted Buyers Lounge at HORECA 2024

Supporting Basatine Program Beneficiaries

Beyond its own members, QOOT cluster also facilitated opportunities for beneficiaries of the Basatine program, a consortium program to support vulnerable farmers and related value chain actors in cereals, legumes, and vegetables in Bekaa and Akkar regions. As a service provider for the program, QOOT cluster enabled 40 SMEs to showcase their products and engage in more than 110 B2B meetings with local potential buyers. This initiative provided critical exposure and potential business deals, further demonstrating QOOT Cluster’s commitment to supporting the broader agrifood ecosystem.


Snapshot of B2B Matchmaking Sessions with BASATINE’S Beneficiaries

QOOT Cluster Agrifood Innovation Award (AFIA 2024) and UNICEF Partnership

The AFIA2024 ceremony took place this year at HORECA, which was an opportunity to showcase the cluster strategic partnership with UNICEF Lebanon in the context of AFIA2024, where UNICEF introduced the Green Award to acknowledge young producers who place a priority on sustainability. This collaboration was also featured within QOOT Cluster’s booth under the partnership of UNICEF’s Generation of Innovation Leaders (GIL) program. The GIL program is dedicated to supporting young entrepreneurs by providing access to vital resources that help them develop their skills, improve their livelihoods, and ultimately shape their own futures. The partnership not only showcased innovative products and entrepreneurial spirit but also emphasized the profound impact of strategic alliances in driving sustainable development and economic growth.

Creating Lasting Impact

QOOT Cluster’s participation in HORECA 2024 was not just about showcasing products; it was about building connections, fostering innovation, and promoting sustainability. The event highlighted the strength and diversity of Lebanon’s agrifood sector and reinforced QOOT Cluster’s position as a main stakeholer in the industry. With its innovative approach and collaborative spirit, QOOT Cluster continues to set a high standard for excellence and community engagement in the agrifood sector.

The booth was attractive and out of the box encouraging sustainability along with a friendly and positive environment


Picture of Maria Zino

Maria Zino

Joined Berytech as a QOOT cluster officer. She supports coordinating and implementing various activities associated with program execution. Maria oversees and assists in managing events and ensures a smooth development along the course of the program.