June 26, 2020

Zoom In & Learn: Best practices in times of crisis

Cluster members share their best practices in times of crisis
Zoom & Learn - 6th event laptop

Zoom & Learn - 6th event laptop

In this edition of the Zoom In & Learn series, QOOT Cluster brought together Cluster members to share their best practices in times of crisis.

Best practice tools by QOOT Cluster members

QOOT Cluster invited three guest speakers to share their best practice tools in times of crisis. The speakers were Lina Zgheib – Seed Line manager at Robinson Agri, Valerie Zakka – Founder of Zakka Technologies, and Lucien Kazzi – Managing partner at Teknologix S.A.R.L.

Hydroponic and hybrid seeds

Lina Zgheib explained the importance of the hybrid seeds having higher yield, better taste, tolerance to diseases, longer shelf life, and resistant to draught. Focusing on the challenges faced in the agriculture sector from feeding growing population, urbanization, climate change, soil depletion, and limited resources to water, Lina presented the importance of the hydroponic system and nutrient film technique as it provides higher production, less disease pressure, soil disinfection, less chemicals used thus healthier products among many others. Lina ended her intervention with “Stay safe and positive, eat healthy and invest wisely in agriculture”.

Smart Machine Investments: Profitability & Safety Drivers

Valerie Zakka, founder of Zakka technologies, presented the different types of machinery existing in the market to facilitate the processes in the agri-food sector. She emphasized that machines should be considered as an investment rather than a cost. She listed the advantages of acquiring equipment such as the ability to innovate and offer new products to mature markets, increasing accuracy in terms of weight and volumes, and improving quality control.

From Classic Techniques To Robotics Automation As A Survival Tool In Times Of Crisis

Lucien Kazzi, presented the automation trends highlighting the fields of application where automation plays a significant role in reducing losses, increasing profitability, and improving the product quality. When looking at the trends in automation, the first level is to look at the field level, then move to the control level, supervisory level, planning level to arrive to the management level (ERP).

Watch the webinar here.


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