November 20, 2023

Cultivating Collaboration: Insights and Strategies from QOOT Cluster’s Empowering Roundtable

QOOT Round Table Smallville Hotel BEirut

In an atmosphere pulsating with collaboration and strategic discourse, the QOOT Cluster’s Roundtable event unfolded its significance at the Smallville Hotel on November 16, 2023. Designed for large/mature companies, the gathering aimed not only to gauge their current engagement levels but also to shape the future trajectory of the cluster by aligning activities with the distinctive needs and aspirations of its prominent members. 

Building Bridges in Welcome 

The event commenced with an affable welcome, setting the tone for an enriching and collaborative exchange. Introductions brought together a diverse assembly of industry leaders, each contributing a unique perspective to the collective narrative. 

Strategic Narratives 

Taking the stage, Dr. Marc Bou Zeidan, the cluster manager, articulated the pivotal role of Business Clusters and elucidated the three strategic pillars—Networking and Business Linkages, Competitiveness through Innovation, and Internationalization. Dr. Bou Zeidan underscored the cluster’s role as not just a forum but a vital resource, augmenting the potential of adherent companies. 

In the Crucible of Dialogue 

Transitioning into focused group discussions, participants engaged in a nuanced exploration of key areas influencing their engagement within the cluster. 

  • Market Dynamics: A resonant demand echoed for comprehensive market data, coupled with actionable insights tailored to distinct market entry strategies. 
  • Exhibition Strategies: Opinions on the request for more targeted exhibitions sparked dynamic conversations, reflecting the diversity of perspectives within the cluster. 
  • Market Intelligence: A consensus emerged on the crucial need for reliable, updated market intelligence, recognized as a linchpin for informed decision-making. 
  • Advocacy and Policy: Participants acknowledged the necessity of the cluster’s involvement in policy advocacy, recognizing its potential impact on industry-related concerns. 
  • Perceived Value: Expressions of concern surfaced around the perceived lack of relevance in the cluster’s offerings, signaling a collective call for alignment with business objectives. 

From Dialogue to Directive 

Out of the crucible of dialogue emerged not just concerns but a plethora of actionable recommendations through focused group sessions: 

  • Business Networking and Linkages: Proposals were crafted to organize Intra-Cluster linkages, underscoring the significance of QOOT cluster member visits as catalysts for collaboration. 
  • Effective Communication Channels: Recommendations ranged from implementing a monthly newsletter to sharing a yearly plan for clear visibility and considering One-on-one communication when needed.  
  • Competitiveness through Innovation: Strategies included prioritizing R&D topics valid across sectors, supporting access to national and international experts, and offering skills-building workshops. 
  • Internationalization and Access to Markets: Participants expressed openness to cost-sharing market research initiatives, sharing insights on suitable international exhibitions, and learning from successful sub-sectors. 

Conclusion and the Horizon Beyond 

The event concluded not merely with findings but with a resounding commitment to translate concerns into concrete actions. Participants outlined short-, mid-, and long-term actions, creating a roadmap for the future. The emphasis on active participation in future QOOT Cluster events and initiatives further fortified the collective commitment. 

As the strategies are set in motion, the QOOT Cluster stands at the threshold of a transformative phase—a future marked by heightened engagement, efficiency, and impact. The collaborative spirit fostered during this roundtable event promises not just growth but a sustained and thriving ecosystem within the cluster in the coming year and beyond.

The event concluded not merely with findings but with a resounding commitment to translate concerns into concrete actions.


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Mohammad Mortada

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