Italian Technologies for the Agro-Industry in Lebanon

The “Italian Technologies for the Agro-Industry in Lebanon” webinar took place with the Italian trade agency, in collaboration with QOOT Cluster, Berytech, ALI and IDAL.  The webinar aimed to strengthen and encourage partnerships between the Lebanese Agro-food industry and Italian partners interested in the Lebanese market.

The webinar grouped experts in the agri-food sector to discuss opportunities between Lebanon and Italy, and how Italian companies can contribute to leverage the economy of Lebanese companies. An overview of the sector in Lebanon and its challenges was presented, highlighting the importance of import substitution, considering that Lebanon is one of the rare countries in its soil and climate, that can benefit local production of fresh produces.

In a discussion on technology and innovation within the agri-food sector, Mr. Ramy Boujawdeh, deputy General Manager at Berytech, Mrs. Nadine Khoury, QOOT Cluster board president and COO at Robinson Agri, and Mr. Youssef Rifai, QOOT Cluster vice president, had the opportunity to showcase the latest studies and innovations in the Lebanese ecosystem.

The webinar stressed on the importance of collaborating with the Italian association and sharing knowhow, encouraging opportunities with the Italian trade agency. Such collaboration is important to showcase Lebanon’s advantages to the world.