May 23, 2022

Polish Delegation Meets QOOT Members for Potential Export Deals 

Polish delegation 1 1200 x 628

Polish delegation 1 1200 x 628

QOOT cluster welcomed a delegation led by the Fundusz Górnośląski SA in the frame of EU project InterSilesia with the representatives of five Polish companies working across a multitude of industries, on Wednesday the 18th of May at the Berytech offices, to learn more about the work of the cluster, connect with its members, and set cooperation plans.

The event comes within QOOT’s mission to help Lebanese agri-food innovators thrive by facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships between agri-food businesses in Lebanon with international buyers and companies. QOOT works in assisting its members to access existing markets and supports them in expanding internationally.

The delegation was led by Monika Niemiec, Director of Internationalization SME’s Department at Fundusz Górnośląski SA, and Marcin Jabłoński, Foreign Advisor at Fundusz Górnośląski SA, and Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of Exporters and Importers in Poland with representatives of Hyperview sp. z o.o., a company operating in Computer Systems Design, STMW sp. z o.o., International Trade and Investment, EMIBIG LIGHTING, lightning manufacturer and distributor.

During the visit, It was pointed out the importance of the cooperation plans between QOOT and Fundusz Górnośląski SA and stated that these plans will contribute to the facilitation of the Lebanese-Polish cooperation, support the economy, and to assisting QOOT members in exporting agricultural and food products to the EU markets and to benefiting from Poland’s experiences in the innovative technologies in the agri-food sector. QOOT cluster invited members whose product offerings included fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, cereal-based lines, and snack production to join networking sessions with the delegation.

Members who joined the B2B networking sessions to explore potential cooperation deals are House of Zejd, Zeit Boulos, Olio Organica, Darmmess, Natagri, Grapeful, Biomass, Khoury agriculture center, and are all eligible to develop joint business projects with Polish entities.

Members of the delegation were impressed by the quality of the Lebanese products and expressed their admiration for the ability of the Lebanese companies in maintaining their high-quality products throughout the difficult economic conditions which Lebanon is going through.

“Lebanon is facing a huge and unprecedented economic crisis. Lebanese companies maintaining these high standards in quality and innovation were the key elements for the Polish companies that shaped their interest in the Lebanese market. With the collaboration between QOOT and Fundusz Górnośląski SA, we are paving the way for Lebanese agri-food companies to start bilateral investment and trade projects. This is a huge step forward for the Lebanese economy,” confirmed Jablonski.

The Polish delegation and QOOT members concluded this first day of the visit with an agreement to hold direct meetings in the coming days to discuss further business deals.

QOOT SIGNED AN MOU WITH FUNDUSZ GÓRNOŚLĄSKI SA for the future business cooperation

MoU signature 1200 x 628

Within the 3rd focus pillar of the QOOT cluster ‘Innovation for Internationalization’, QOOT signed an MoU with Fundusz Górnośląski SA, one of the 5 polish companies in the delegation and a leading facilitator of regional economic development.

This partnership will encourage, promote and facilitate effective cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, technology transfer, and related economic and industrial activities by establishing effective communication between companies of both organizations with particular reference to the private sector.

Such agreements help promote investment and technology transfer through joint ventures and other mutually beneficial arrangements, provide support to identify specific projects and partners, and facilitate the exchange of industrial and business delegations between the two countries to expand cooperation between their members.

The agreement allows both organizations to support each other in activities such as seminars, programs, training and conferences to be organized in both countries to enhance and strengthen bilateral economic ties and to undertake programs and studies, which would be of benefit to their members to increase bilateral economic cooperation at the industry and unit levels.

This event was part of the partnership between the QOOT cluster and the Fundusz Górnośląski SA. and is part of QOOT’s mission to create access to the international markets for its members and work to create the right linkages to help the Lebanese agri-food industry in Lebanon.


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Abed Rahman Sayed

Abed Rahman Sayed joined Berytech in February 2022 as the Community Engagement Coordinator. Since then, Abed has assisted with the social media management of the QOOT Cluster platforms, as well as the creation of content for the QOOT website.