October 10, 2023

QOOT Agri-food Cluster’s Successful Matchmaking Event Spurs Industry Growth and Collaboration

Ognyan Yankov

The QOOT Agri-food Cluster recently hosted a successful matchmaking event on September 28th and October 2nd, facilitating valuable connections and promoting collaboration among professionals and enthusiasts.

This journey began six months ago when Mr. Ognyan Yankov, a renowned Bulgarian entrepreneur known for his strategic prowess, reached out to QOOT via email. Yankov, who was in Lebanon for a business trip, had learned about QOOT and its extensive network and expressed keen interest in meeting the team for potential collaborations. The process commenced by showcasing the impressive portfolio of QOOT cluster members and meticulously selecting companies with the highest potential for future collaborations.

On the selected dates of September 28th and October 2nd, approximately 25 companies from the cluster enthusiastically participated in one-on-one meetings, each lasting 30 minutes. These events served as a dynamic platform for networking, idea exchange, forging partnerships, and exploring new business opportunities.

Mr. Ognyan Yankov brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record to the table. He is widely recognized for his expertise in business growth, go-to-market strategies, and the successful commercialization of innovative initiatives. His strong creative and strategic skills, coupled with clear and assertive communication, make him a valuable collaborator in this endeavor.

These matchmaking events underscore QOOT’s unwavering commitment to nurturing innovation and fostering growth within the industry, creating meaningful opportunities for professionals to connect, collaborate, and drive the industry forward.

This collaboration aligns seamlessly with the industry’s upward trajectory, with the past five years witnessing a doubling of the economic value of exported goods. This remarkable trend can be attributed to various factors, including the burgeoning Bulgarian markets, increased exports, and Bulgaria’s pivotal role as a fulfillment center for central European markets.

Industry Exports Double in Five Years: A Remarkable Trend


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