February 25, 2020

QOOT Cluster opens adherence eligibility to Associate Members

QOOT Cluster has announced adherence eligibility to Associate Members.

QOOT Cluster has gathered, over the past year, successful Lebanese SMEs and large companies working on innovations in the agri-food sector to collaborate, promote and develop smarter solutions in the sector. Adherence to the cluster is on a membership eligibility basis.

QOOT Cluster has now announced adherence eligibility to Associate Members allowing companies providing services, expertise, or knowledge for the agri-food businesses focusing mainly on innovation to join. Service providers eligible to join as associate members include among others, consultancy firms, law firms, laboratory for food safety analysis, financing and auditing firms, insurance companies, certification bodies, as well as marketing and communication firms.

Associate Members will provide support and guidance to the cluster members, and will have the opportunity to deliver workshops and trainings within their respective expertise.

QOOT Members are invited to the meetings and events organized by QOOT Cluster as well as receiving discount voucher to the paid workshops and events. Being an Associate Member will allow the company to stay up-to-date about new development projects in the agri-food sector, having priority to work on the agri-food members development projects, having a company profile on the QOOT Cluster website, benefiting from B2B meetings organized by QOOT Cluster, and the opportunity to meet potential investors and business partners via Berytech’s international connections.

The yearly associate membership fee varies per company’s size. It is $350/year for small companies (1 to 10 employees), $650/year for medium-sized companies (11 to 50 employees), and $1,000/year for large companies (more than 50 employees).


Become an associate member of QOOT Cluster by clicking here.


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