May 22, 2020

QOOT Cluster organizes a session on Lean Management

QOOT Cluster organized several sessions to discuss solutions to the challenges faced in times of crisis.
Lean Methodology

Lean MethodologyParticipants from 12 different companies members in the QOOT Cluster – including Difco, Heineken, Teknologix, Zakka technologies, Robinson agri, arc en ciel, Karma, Rigino, SMLC, Cave des Ours, Café Abi Nasr and Tanmia, took part in a virtual training provided by Dany Elias to learn about surviving the crisis by adopting LEAN management. 

Passionate about the LEAN culture, Dany established Sparkers Solutions in 2017 with the mission to spread it in the region and help diversified companies in Lebanon become more efficient.

In his training Dany explained the fundamentals of the LEAN methodology that allows companies to do more with less – less time, inventory, space, people and money. It is about speed and “getting it right the first time” and most importantly it is about eliminating various forms of waste from the process.

His practical examples covered the advantages of applying a LEAN methodology in times of crisis in reducing process lead time, increase overall efficiency, improving quality, becoming more flexible in reacting to change and enhancing costumer satisfaction.

Dany’s tips to the attendees to survive the crisis covered keeping focused on the value of customers including old, new or potential. He explained that one needs to be extremely flexible in the process to meet the changing value, fast in delivering products/services, optimize the usage of resources and most importantly focus on people, people and people.


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Qoot Cluster