March 22, 2023

QOOT Cluster paints a bright road at ACT Smart Innovation Hub 

Dr. Marc Bou Zeidan presents the future roadmap of the cluster, including the new technical committees, strategic expansion, industry-academia linkages, and the Agrifood Innovation Award.

QOOT Cluster, the leading agri-food innovation cluster in Lebanon, has recently announced its expansion and empowerment plan for 2023. This announcement was made during the celebration of a new chapter in ACT Smart’s journey, where QOOT Cluster manager, Dr. Marc Bou Zeidan, shared the plan that includes the establishment of three technical committees, strategic expansion of the number of cluster members, and continuous learning through capacity building. 

The establishment of three technical committees for agri-food growth and innovation is one of the significant components of the expansion plan. These committees, comprised of QOOT Cluster members from different industries of the agrifood sector, aim to enhance the collaboration between the cluster members, identify and address member-centered challenges, and develop innovative solutions to overcome them. The committees will focus on agri-food growth, innovation, and technical needs, providing a platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration among the members. 

QOOT Cluster’s emphasis on expanding the number and caliber of its members is also critical to its continued growth and success. By expanding their membership, they can tap into diverse resources and expertise, fostering collaboration, and creating a more significant impact on the industry. This approach is consistent with the cluster’s goal of enhancing competitiveness and fostering innovation. 

Continuous learning through capacity building is also a crucial aspect of the expansion plan. The cluster aims to provide its members with various capacity-building activities that address challenges and opportunities related to the agri-food industry. These activities will include training sessions, workshops, and seminars, providing the members with access to the latest knowledge and expertise. 

The QOOT Cluster’s 2023 action plan aims to foster innovation and competitiveness in the agri-food sector. The cluster aims to facilitate research and development projects through industry-academia linkages to address common technical needs. The cluster also aims to collect and disseminate market intelligence information and establish linkages with buyers and distribution partners through targeted B2B matchmaking activities. 

One of the most exciting announcements during the QOOT Cluster talk was the launch of the Agri-Food Innovation Award. This award, now open for applications, will not only recognize and reward innovative solutions but also inspire further innovation and development in the industry. 

Moreover, QOOT Cluster’s achievement of the Silver Label Certificate for European Cluster Excellence highlights their excellence in cluster management. This recognition is crucial as it provides external validation of QOOT Cluster’s commitment to quality management, effective governance, and sustainable development. 

ACT Smart’s decision to launch two new clusters in waste management and renewable energy are also noteworthy. These new clusters are a testament to the success of the QOOT Cluster model and provide a blueprint for further cluster development in Lebanon. 

Overall, QOOT Cluster’s 2023 expansion and empowerment plan is a promising step towards strengthening Lebanon’s position as a leader in the agri-food and cleantech industries. By fostering innovation and collaboration, QOOT Cluster is making a significant contribution to sustainable development and the growth of Lebanon’s economy.

"By expanding our membership, QOOT Cluster can tap into diverse resources and expertise, fostering collaboration, and creating a more significant impact on the industry." Dr. Marc Bou Zeidan


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